I saw this topic going around on the interweb and on a few blogs and I thought it was a nice little positivity exercise. So I wanted to give it a go, but unlike most I’ve read, I wanted to try my best for it to be unique, as opposed to general things that make people happy like ‘chocolate’ or ‘being with family’ (although I do love both of those things!). It was a great realisation that there’s so much out there that can lift your spirits and after I got the ball rolling I honestly could have gone on and on, which is really nice and a great mental health booster. I strongly urge everyone to give it a go, it’s such a positive thing to do and will definitely make you smile! Here’s 50 things that make me a happy gal;

1. Warm Jam Doughnuts
2. Beyoncé’s performance that she does for ‘Ring the Alarm’
3. Travelling anywhere and everywhere. I literally want to see the entire world
4. Meeting with my friends for Netflix n Chill and take away
5. Massive bunches of beautiful flowers; lilies, peonies + orchids are my fave
6. Hot water bottles
7. Stephen’s Day in my granny’s house with my dad & uncles watching movies
8. SOY SAUCE… all day every day
9. Spending time in Dingle Co. Kerry, it’s such a lovely little place
10. Forehead rubs
11. Weddings
12. When my room is spotless and looking white, clean and instafamous
13. Haribo Jellies (this is a major one)
14. Breakfast in Bed – I am spoilt rotten by my boyfriend and dad with this one!
15. Reading fantastic books, I’m on my 6th one so far this year
16. Going out for dinner and eating delicious food
17. Waking up naturally, not from an alarm or by someone else
18. When ‘Drunk in Love’ comes on when out with friends
19. Celebrating other people’s birthdays
20. Big massive colourful salads
21. Going to any concert, big or small, especially when I’m a super fan of the act
22. Looking through the photos of my J1 in Cape Cod last year
23. Colouring in my Colouring Book for big people
24. Creamy lattes that get me through lectures
25. Getting packages in the post
26. Spending hours in IKEA, dreaming of owning every item in there
27. Catching up with my beautiful mother over lunch whenever I can
28. Spontaneous trips to the cinema
29. Writing and being creative
30. Getting my hair done and feeling shiny and new for the days that follow
31. Morning cuddles
32. Cocktails (obvious choice), Elderflower Collins’ and Espresso Martinis!
33. My Macbook… my precious child
34. Laughing with my dad
35. Sushi Bento Boxes yummm
36. Being around animals especially my three doggies
37. The days that I feel really good about myself and my body
38. All the letters and cards that I have from my grandma & I also love sending them
39. Watching my blog grow and become more successful with time
40. In the past 2 years I’ve become fond of Christmas thanks to a certain someone
41. Being with my little God Son Mylo and enjoying him being a baby while I can
42. A massive plate of real, authentic Chinese dumplings
43. The Grinch the movie
44. Purchasing clothes and beauty products makes me extremely happy
45. Taking photos of pretty things
46. Being hungover and having no responsibilities except to be under a duvet
47. Having time to myself to do whatever I please
48. Knocked Up by Kings of Leon
49. Buying and wrapping presents & hand making cards
50. Being with my favourite person in the world 🙂