On Sunday the 22nd of November I attended the Blogger Conf 2015 in The Marker Hotel. This was my first time in the hotel which is located in the beautiful Grand Canal Square. Greeted by lovely staff and massive goodie bags, it was a good start to the day. The conference kicked off with James Butler who is a really fantastic example of a successful, relatable, Irish blogger. He really made getting up at 8am on a Sunday worth it. Everything from the speakers to the workshops and the networking was great, but here’s my highlights from the day:


Marker collage


The First Blogger Panel 

The Blogger Conf had 5 inspirational Irish bloggers answer questions about the life behind blogging, the challenges and unique selling points. I found it really interesting and helpful to hear from people in a similar position to me.

I particularly found Tara Marz quite intriguing as she has an affiliation with both video and blogging which is something I’m really interested in too. If I had more time I would love to make videos for this blog because I’m really into videography, editing, film etc.

It was good to hear that she had to go full time to keep up with her projects. It assured me that I’m not the only one who struggles with balancing blogging and other life commitments. And I decided that it’s ok that I’m not as dedicated as I would like to be. And this is because I’m in a full time college course, a part time waitress, I have this blog, assignments, I write for the DIT student paper and this is all on top of my personal life, social life and me time. So while I wish I could wake up everyday and commit myself to writing, creating posts and videos, editing my blog and being creative, I can’t right now, so I will have to wait.


Favourite Stalls of the Day 


Firstly the dainty accessories company MeeMaw had a stand full of gorgeous goodies. Necklaces, clutches, hats and cute bags were all displayed on the day and the lovely Managing Director was there, full of chat and very kindly gave me a beautiful little necklace which I love! This little bird design is one of many cute necklaces that they have in their range for only €14.99! Perfect little Christmas present.




Caravelle New York

These lovely jewellers had a display of their amazing watch range which you could have mistaken for Michael Kors. Gold, shiny,beautiful pieces… And the most shocking part was that the most expensive retails at €90! I honestly thought they were going to say €200+… They even let us try them on and I entered their little competition to win one with the best wrist selfie on Instagram.. and I did! They got in touch straight away so I will be the owner of a lovely little Caravelle Watch very soon!

PicMonkey Collage


Favourite Speaker of the Day 

The amazing Blogger Anouska (anouska.net) was by far my favourite speaker during the Blogger Conf. She was a huge inspiration for me this time last year, while I was in two minds about starting a blog. I had always followed her from when she was modelling and doing photography posting photos on Facebook, right up till now where’s she’s one of, in my opinion, the most successful travel bloggers out there. She had a lot to say about photography, Instagram and themes but I was most interested in hearing about her success in travel blogging and basically creating a brand for herself that companies want to work with. A lot of the things she had given advice on, I’ve actually already started doing so it was good to hear that I’m on the right track.


Anouska Proetta Brandon

What I Learnt at the Blogger Conf

I think the biggest message of the day was to find your niche. This of course is really important for establishing yourself in the industry and also standing out from the crowd. And when I look at my blog, I realise that it is what it says, it’s ‘a little bit of everything’ .. A little bit of me. And while I think it’s important to stay focused on relevant topics to keep people interested, I also think it’s important to blog about things that I want to talk about. I’ve never posted something that doesn’t interest me and I’ve never been false or untrue to myself. I’ve also gotten such great feedback and support from people who read this, so I plan on continuing in going in the same direction that I am now.

Overall it was a fantastic day and most importantly of all, really educational. I honestly did learn so much from both the speakers and also all the brands who had stalls. A  huge congratulations to Emma O’Farrell who organised the entire thing, it was such a success. After the event, the Blogger Conf was in a lot of press. This photo of me taken on the day appeared in print in VIP Magazine and also online on Evoke.ie! Check out the article here.


Bekah Molony - Blogger Conf 2015