It gives me great pleasure to write about my experience of seeing the utterly amazing Coldplay live in concert, just a matter of days ago. In the days running up to the event, I had been spending any spare moment of my day refreshing TicketSwap, searching and searching for a ticket to once again see Coldplay live. My friend in work got a ticket to go alone and I simply could not let the opportunity pass by to see them. If you weren’t looking for tickets you will not understand the shocking speed in which people were buying and selling them. Me and every other person in Amsterdam were obviously refreshing the page every few seconds – at some stage there was 4,000 people ‘looking for a ticket’. At around 5:15pm I have no idea how, but I got to the ‘buying’ stage and didn’t even look at the price. I just hit whatever buttons that lead me to a ticket, and when my shift was over – we literally ran home and got on our way.

I was rared and raised listening to Coldplay (and U2), so much so – that I actually thought my mother worked for them (as she used to represent a lot of cool people in the music industry when I was younger). Turns out, my family just had a love for great music which was thankfully passed on to me. In 2009, I was lucky enough to see Coldplay live in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. I went with a bunch of friends (in very questionable outfits) and my dad, uncle and his gorgeous wife. At the time I didn’t want to be seen with my dad, so we wormed our way to the very front. I remember having an absolute blast, knowing all of the songs and getting very emotional at Fix You – I mean, who doesn’t? But this time, seven whole years later seeing Coldplay live was bigger, better and I was probably even more emotional.

Coldplay Live | A Head Full of Dreams Tour | Bekah Molony

A Head Full of Dreams Tour

So because the tour is far from over, I don’t want to spoil the entire thing for Coldplay fans who may be reading this. They are playing Glastonbury tonight (I will make it there someday!), plenty more European dates, pretty much all of the US and then finishing up in Australia. I hate reading things that give away the majestic experience of a concert. Infact I have been spending the past few months avoiding any Beyonce spoilers – which is extremely hard because every ‘recommended’ video on Instagram or YouTube is from the Formation Tour – the internet clearly keeps tabs on what I watch. So, if you have the pleasure of seeing Coldplay live for their A Head Full of Dreams Tour sometime soon – please do read on, it won’t give away the whole thing.

We tried to get there as early as possible, because of course we wanted to get as close as we could. One mistake we made was not buying water. The Amsterdam ArenA have a silly system where you can only buy token cards worth €10 or €20, anyway that will make sense later. It was 27 degrees outside thanks to the storms of the previous days, and the arena roof was closed – so I have no idea the temperature of the place inside – but it was HOT. They had great opening acts, we caught the last song of Alessia Cara and saw the lovely Lianne La Havas too. Not long after, the lights went down and a classic opera song blared out from the speakers. Coldplay appeared on stage and everyone went nuts.

They opened with A Head Full of Dreams and I could not have been happier. It was one of the most euphoric moments of my life, I can’t even explain the energy of the place. Of course, there was an extended stage into the crowd and Chris Martin ran down straight away, as explosions of confetti went off. This was one of my weepy moments at the concert for the facts that; it had been so long since I saw Coldplay live, that morning I had no idea that I was going to be seeing them later that night, because I have such love for the music that they make and finally because that song is my favourite on their A Head Full of Dreams album! So, I’m sure you can appreciate the feeling that I had! I have a little video here of the opening which I tweeted right after the concert, and Coldplay retweeted it! After that, my phone was completely blowing up – apparently there were a lot of people looking up ‘Coldplay live’ on Twitter at the time and my tweet was in the top tweets, so I felt very important for a moment or two. At this stage it has 1.1k retweets and over 2.9k likes!

They went straight into classics, no messing around with them – they definitely gave the crowd what we wanted. The next favourite for me was Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, at this stage everyone was covered in multicoloured confetti, the light show was working over time – yet a few people around me were quite still and didn’t look like they were having a good time. And then there was me, I was completely going insane with my friend – everyone was soaking, had purple bits of paper in their hair and I thought it was amazing! When the lines ‘I feel my heart stop beating to my favourite song’ and ‘I rather be a comma than a full stop’ (two of my favourite lyrics ever!) came on – I could only hear my own voice! It was so strange that everyone was so quiet and still, but at the same time I was proud to be screaming the words to a fantastic song while everyone else was swaying slightly from side to side.

Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before people perked up – it would be hard to keep still when they did Paradise that ended in a Tiesto remix outro. The place was going bloody bananas – I felt like I was on drugs and we didn’t even have a sip of alcohol. What separated this from last time I saw Coldplay live, was the production of this gig. It was absolutely insane, I don’t know the last time that I experienced something like that! Everyone was given wristbands that lit up across the arena, all synchronized to each song – you can be sure that A Sky Full of Stars was pretty amazing with this genius touch!

I don’t want to comment on every single song, but I will say that another amazing moment was Viva la Vida. It was one that I was really hoping I would get to hear, and yes seeing it live is out-of-this-world good. During one of the songs, Alice was feeling not so good and we tried to get to an open area but everywhere was jammed, so we ended up beside one of the barriers. We were so dehydrated due to not drinking anything, it was like a billion degrees and we danced so hard that unfortunately she wasn’t feeling 100% and security took her over the barrier to help her out. Luckily, I was fine and hopped over with her, and I ended up seeing the gig from the most amazing point of view. We were right beside the stage and it was so cool to look up and see the band that close and also see all of the fans going insane. Of course she was ok in the end, and we ended the concert beside the stage with loads of room to dance and breathe. I would not recommend having nothing to drink in order to get a good place. The whole ‘token’ system should not include water, especially in that kind of heat. It didn’t ruin the night, but not having easy access to water is dangerous, and unfortunately many venues operate that way in Amsterdam – which is not something I’m a fan of.

Coldplay Live | A Head Full of Dreams Tour | Bekah Molony

Because we ended up in another spot, we could see the whole arena and just how big the place was – which was a lot of fun! I’m happy to say that I got to hear In My Place towards the end, which is such an amazing and heart touching song. I seriously I cannot fault Coldplay – they are just an extraordinary group and I was feeling overwhelmed with appreciation that night. Did you gather that I’m a big fan yet? Sorry for gushing, but it was amazing.

So, I shall say no more other than seeing Coldplay live this week was one of the highlights of my time in Amsterdam. Probably even a highlight of my entire existence. I wish I could have gone to the A Head Full of Dreams Tour again – but I was so lucky to even have gotten a ticket. Seeing Coldplay live is such an extraordinary experience. They are so talented, they have some of the greatest songs in history and they are so good with the crowd! Thank you for the best night ever – I will seriously never ever forget it.

Did you get to see Coldplay live for their A Head Full of Dreams Tour? Let me know!