I had always seen Frank Body’s Instagram and been curious. It was evident that they had an extremely good marketing team which made this body scrub seem like something you cannot live without. I gave in eventually and ordered myself the mysterious scrub. Made down under in the merry old land of Oz (Aussies have all the good stuff, not fair!) so I had to have it shipped over. It was €15 with free postage to Ireland, and boy am I glad I did it. Made from coffee beans (yum) and loads of other natural ingredients like coconut oil and mint, this body scrub looks and smells the business.

Frank Body Scrub - Beauty Review - alittlebitofb.com

After the first go, my skin felt like it had been kissed by angels. I felt smooth head to toe after just one use, which was a nice surprise. Since I’ve used it I’ve had the same feeling over and over again. They also have a Frank Feedback Instagram account where happy users boast how it has helped them with the likes of psoriasis, eczema, stretch marks & scars. While I can’t vouch for any of these particular problems, I can definitely say that it helps dry skin in general and leaves you feeling unbelievably soft.

The long term effects? I’m not too sure because I don’t use it religiously. But as far as needing a good scrub and wanting soft skin goes, I’d definitely recommend becoming a Frank Babe (as they call it). Since becoming popular they have released different versions of the body scrub such as coconut and peppermint. They also have cleansers, moisturisers and body balms which their promo team have yet again nailed with all the gorgeous models that they have on their websites!

Frank Body Scrub - Beauty Review - alittlebitofb.com

The Super Easy Body Scrub Directions 
1. Apply the scrub with a little bit of water
2. Wait for it to dry (it’s boring but try at least 3-5 mins)
3. Wash it off and let your skin feel gooood