Highlighter has become the most important item in people’s makeup bags in the past year or so. I am a super mega fan, wanting highlighter in every possible form. I do get complimented on my highlighter from time to time so I thought I would blog a little bit about the ones I use, and I gave links to where you can purchase them online.
imageMAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Glow €31 BT


My amazing friends (who know me too well) got me this for my 20th birthday a few weeks ago. Obvious to say that I love it. It glides on very easily and you only have to use a bare minimum. Although it is very intense so it’s easy to apply too much. I would definitely recommend this as a highlighter for darker skin tones, as I can imagine it being too dramatic on a pale skin type. Try out the shade ‘Soft & Gentle’ instead.


Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Block €6.99 Boots


I use this every single day. It is so cheap but is so wonderful. Unlike MAC though, you have to apply more for a more distinctive effect. But that’s completely justified with the price. There’s a few different shades so you can find the one for you, and I use the top two the most because I have different bronzers that I use when contouring. I own two of these!


imageGlow €12 Topshop


I have reviewed this product before in my Topshop Cosmetics post during the summer. Again I really really love this little pot of magic. It’s a small bit annoying trying to get some out without it getting under your nails, so I use cotton buds/ q tips to do it which does the job. It glides really well across your skin and leaves a perfect dewy glow.


Benefit High Beam €27.50 Debenhams


My boyfriend once asked “you know you have silver on your cheeks?” once when I was wearing this, thinking I may have not known.. I say this because clearly it is noticeable and it is a cool tone as opposed to the above warmer bronze pallets. It’s liquid with a little brush (like nail varnish) and is very efficient. As I said before one could describe it as ‘silver’ but I just slowly pat it across my cheeks or under the brow bone to spread it into glowy loveliness. I love how intense the silver tones are!




Rimmel Good to Glow €7 Boots


This isn’t the same as the above products as it’s more for an illuminating purpose all over the face mixed with foundation. However you can use for a subtle highlight on the cheeks or brow bone for a very natural day time look. As I said in my Rimmel Haul post it’s a really great product for a base or finish with foundation, however it wouldn’t be a go to for highlighting alone.



And the winner? A tie between Benefit High Beam and Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Block!