Lush do an amazing range of skin care, cosmetics and lovely random products like bath bombs and scented soaps that are irresistible! I love walking into Lush and being struck by the hundreds of different smells that you can almost taste. What’s more, everything they make is handmade, vegetarian and (definitely) not tested on animals, so it feels even better! During my ongoing quest to find something to make my lips not so dry, I came across Lush’s Lip Scrub.

Mint, Popcorn or Bubblegum Lip Scrub?

You can choose from all of these options and I chose Bubblegum (after much back and forth sniffing of these three yummy flavours). Good choice in the sense that it tastes, smells and feels good. Bad choice in the sense that I want to eat it more than anything…

Lip Scrub Review by Bekah Molony

Did it work for my lips? Yes, immediately my lips were moistened, smooth and kissable! It hasn’t solved my ongoing issue (but that’s my problem, not Lush’s!) I even got the Mint one for my other half, mainly because I wanted both, but also because he has very dry lips too. I’m pretty sure he’s lost it now, so there’s a perfectly good & minty lip scrub floating about his house somewhere that I need to find!

These lovely little jars are around €6 each, which is a bargain if you ask me!

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