I think one definite fact is that there is an endless amount of blogs on the internet, and there are also a lot of Irish blogs out there too. I find it really hard to keep up with all of the ones that I’m interested in, which is why the age of Instagram and Bloglovin’ (which I just joined!) is perfect for me. I love having everything in one place and especially love the ease of using both of those sites. Although I have a blog, I actually prefer the likes of Instagram where things are straight the point and more visual. However, there are quite a few blogs that I would veer away from the apps on my phone in order to check them out when on my laptop (or in work). I feel like it’s important to support the talent from your own country and we have plenty of it in Ireland.


Here’s my Round up of Great Irish Blogs

5. Journalist on the Run

Janet is a down to earth and super vibrant lady who simply loves travelling. Her posts are easy to read as it’s clear to see that she is crazy about getting out there and going on some great adventures. Her page is full of travel inspiration and she gives a great insight into a lot of cities, hotels and places to go. She’s been to an impressive amount of different places and is currently in Thailand which looks amazing!

Journalistontherun Irish Blogs

Instagram @janetnewenham


4.  The Whole World is a Playground

Meet Elaine & Dave, two Irish people with a love for road trips and a little bit of luxury. Some of the categories that you will find on their blog include ‘Destinations’, ‘Luxury’, ‘Photography’ and ‘Cocktails & Dining’ and of course lots more. Their site is absolutely jam-packed full of information, tips and travel experiences. In fact, it’s so busy that you can really tell that they are true travellers with so much going on that it’s like they don’t even have enough room on the site. Their next stop is Japan and I cannot wait to see what’s in store over there.

The Whole World is a Playground's Trip to Norway

Instagram @thewholeworldisaplayground


3. Next Stop Who Knows

These guys are business and travel experts travelling the world while still making bank. The very cool Carlos and Florence bought a one way ticket to Thailand a few years ago and never looked back – go them! While they aren’t the usual blog that I like to read with amazing photos and glamorous stories, they still really inspire me to travel and to make goals for myself. I love their message that travelling does NOT ‘mean making enormous sacrifices in terms of one’s career and finances’. I will someday be taking their advice and try to satisfy my travel bug while still earning some sort of income.

Nextstopwhoknows Irish Blogs

Instagram @nxtstopwhoknows


2. Anouska.net

If I could name anyone who’s job I desperately want, its Anouska Proetta Brandon. This lady is currently in the middle of a road trip across the USA with another very cool Irish lady Lucy Nuzum. The talented two are exploring the other side of the pond as of now, after they just completed a beautiful trip to Asia. Anouska’s blog is less about long articles and more about beautiful and striking photographs of her stunning self, cool outfits, nice scenery or her little cat. It’s hard not to feel the pang of jealousy when checking out her stories on Snapchat, but it’s great to see yet another Irish gal doing so well worldwide.

anouska.net Irish Blog

Instagram @anouskapb


1. The Travel Expert

My number one spot has to go to the Travel Agent turned Blogger. Not only does Sarah Slattery have a beautiful site with so much to read about and see, but she also actually helps with the process of going away by uploading travel deals! As far as Irish Blogs go, this one is definitely the most useful. She’s got something for everyone in there with European Trips, City breaks and Family Holidays being some of the areas she writes about. In her ‘About Me’ section you’ll find an impressive amount of information which only further proves how experienced and talented she is. It’s safe to say that Sarah is someone to look up to in the world of blogging for me.

Sarah Slattery Irish Blog

Instagram @the_travel_expert


Can anyone else recommend anymore great Irish Blogs? I especially love the ones that post regularly on Instagram and/ or Snapchat. Feel free to share your Travel Blog in the comments below, I’d love to start reading more now that summer is approaching!