Buying beauty products had never been a motivator for me to pop into Topshop. But the fact that there is always a student discount is a great motivator and recently I was in one of the Dublin store’s where I noticed a brand, shiny new displayed which was very appealing. I picked up cream highlighter, matte nail polish and a super shiny gold eye-shadow. I was very very happy with two of them, one not so much…

Topshop Glow €14

I was really excited about this when I found it as I’ve never tried a cream highlighter/ contour product. I found it to work really well at highlighting the brow bone in particular. It also really executes the dewy look that I tend to be looking for in highlighters. I would say it’s worth the price (as long as it lasts) and I would also put it on the same par as powder or liquid highlighter.

Topshop Cosmetics


Topshop Eye-shadow €12

I’m not exactly exciting when it comes to eye makeup. The daily winged eyeliner and mascara look with an occasional addition of light browns thrown in is my go to look. But with it being festival season and what not, I decided to try something different. In store I did a mini swatch on the back of my hand and the shine was so pretty, I couldn’t resist! This Topshop eye shadow is fun and girly and I enjoyed spicing up my eyes for once. It also proves to be just as good on your skin if you’re in a glitter-on-your-face kind of situation.

Topshop Cosmetics


Topshop Matte Nail Polish €9

I love matte texture when it comes to nails, I think the finished look is always much more interesting than the standard shine. As I have my nails already done I decided to paint my toenails with it. I’ve been wearing it for 2 days now and it hasn’t yet chipped, so far so good. I think it’s worth paying €9 for a product that lasts and so far, I guess this Topshop one is doing the job! Although I will say that it could be a bit more ‘matte’ in texture, so while I like the colour, I may still be in search for a brand that has that matte texture to rave about. They have a hugeee range of colours though and there’s also a mini matte metallic collection. But as I said, I won’t be running back for the sake of the matte-ness!

Topshop Cosmetics

As always in Topshop, I received 10% off the total with my student card. Which is always a nice ending to even nicer purchases!