Today is Mother’s Day, and I realised this week that I don’t tell my Mam that I love her too often, and I probably should! We all should… it doesn’t cost much to send a text or pick up the phone every now and again! If I was rich I would spoil my mother with everything she wants and deserves (mainly an apartment somewhere sunny, a donkey sanctuary, a Range Rover, a cleaner and 4 more dogs). But I’m not, so instead, here’s 10 reasons why I think she’s the best (and we will also be going for a lovely lunch later)!

1. She’s a serious inspiration to me and many other people

2. She’s smart, creative, driven, caring and (thinks she’s) funny

3. We sometimes go a long time without seeing each other, but when we do, we always make up for it

4. We could talk for 28.6 hours straight if necessary

5. She always has and always will support everything I do no matter how ambitious

6. She’s so gorgeous and looks 10 times younger than she is

7. I’ve never felt the need to keep anything from her because we’re so close

8. She thinks the dogs understand her, which is entertaining

9. My mam has always been exactly what I need her to be in my worst & best times

10. She gives the best cuddles

 Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day xxx