If you had asked me in the middle of the year to list some highlights of 2016, I would have easily started naming some of the fab things that had been going on in my life at that time. However since returning from Amsterdam and my travels (very broke and hospitalised) to cold Ireland, in order to start my final year of college – things pretty much started going down hill.

That’s just selfish me though. The world and people around me have seen heartbreak, terrorism in every corner of the globe, war, hate, shocking police brutality, the whole Trump situation, the death of many wonderful souls and to top it all off – my dog almost died on Christmas Day. So if that’s not a good reason to reminisce on some of the positive highlights of 2016, I don’t know what is.

My Highlights of 2016

1. All of my Accomplishments Throughout the Year

It’s hard to take the time to tell yourself well done, but in fairness I did many wonderful things this year. From personal situations, to achievements in work and accomplishing things in the blogging/ internet world – I am quite pleased with what I have done for myself this year.

2. Moving to Amsterdam

In January I said my goodbyes to many peoples and made my way to Amsterdam for a fantastic opportunity. Although it took me a while to settle in and not feel like a small child alone in a new city (read this if you are thinking of moving there), I ended up having an amazing and self realising 6 months. This video pretty much sums it up.

3. Every Visitor I Got While Away

Of course Amsterdam was amazing and there was plenty to do. But nothing beats visitors from home, and I was very lucky that I had so many. I think Ryanair deserves some thanks here due to the extremely low cost of flying over to Amsterdam. Living abroad on your own is very glam and everything, but sometimes a visit from a familiar face can turn the lonely times around.

4. Beyoncé’s Gift of Lemonade and the FWT in Dublin & Brussels

I mean obviously this is on the list because it’s a part of my soul. Lemonade is not only the album of the year (amongst so.so.so many excellent albums) but it is probably my favourite album absolutely ever. Not only this but I was lucky enough to see the Formation World Tour twice. I could write the world’s longest essay, but I’ll just leave this video of some Brussels highlights.

5. Coldplay Head Full of Dreams Tour in Amsterdam

I was the luckiest gal in the world to be able to secure a ticket to this phenomenal concert. I have done a full post of the Coldplay concert here, where you will find the video I that I uploaded to the interweb which Coldplay retweeted after the gig. Fan girl moment, eek!

6. My Time in Travelbird

Besides the fact that I was getting paid three times less than my rent, working at Travelbird was an amazing situation in my life. All of my lovely friends, the boat trips, parties, day to day coffee/ ice cream/ lunch trips. I learnt a lot and gained many valuable friends (crying, can’t go on).

7. Coming Home for a While & Seeing Kendrick Lamar at Longitude

I came home for 10 days before returning to Amsterdam to finish working, and had a lovely time in Dublin. First on the agenda was the visiting of friends and family and then Beyoncé (Round 1). A friend of mine from Travelbird came over for the last part of my visit, and we went with lots of people to lose our shit at Kendrick Lamar. I was not ok, I lost my voice within 30 seconds of him coming on stage. Untitled 07 / Levitate happened, but he didn’t ask me to sing Jay Rock’s verse of Money Trees – was quite strange I thought?

8. Visiting Beautiful Prague

Of course all of the new places that I visited are going to make it on my highlights of 2016, because there is nothing (nothing at all) that I love more than travelling. When we were in Prague, there wasn’t a moment of disappointment. It is simply the most stunning city I’ve ever seen and I cannot wait to go back! Fave moment was bringing a sneaky naggin on to our swan paddle boat.

9. The Music in General of 2016

While I was living away I didn’t listen to the radio at all (thank God because when I got back there was a horrific music situation). Instead I had the pleasure of just listening to Spotify and Holy Lord we were blessed with so many lovely albums this year. Lemonade (obviously), Pablo, Untitled Unmastered, Blonde, A Seat at the Table, Colouring Book, etc etc. Can’t even go on there’s too many.

10. Sziget Festival, Budapest

This was my first time attending a festival abroad, and boy is it better than pitching a tent in the middle of County Laois. This bloody thing is on an island, in the middle of the amazing city of Budapest. I saw an abundance of acts, watched the sun come up on the beach, ate delicious food and didn’t know what day or time it was while I was there. At 1:38 in the video below is where all this Budapest fun started. The best festival I have ever been to, if you haven’t been… go.

11. Discovering Nashville on Netflix

No need for explanations here people.

12. Seeing Lake Bled for the First Time

Another surprising addition to my highlights of 2016 list. Our second last stop on our interrailing trip, which we extended twice. This is the most peaceful but also fun and unexpected beauty of a place EVER. The people were fab, the lake was unbelievable and everything was so reasonably priced. If that’s not a winner then I don’t know what kind of place you want to be in.

13. Electric Picnic Festival

Ok usually Picnic is nothing special, and people just go for the session. I did not think I was going to be listing Picnic as one of my highlights of 2016, in fact I didn’t even want to go as I was broke and sick. But I did and it was the best weekend probably ever. I didn’t see a single act, I took two photos, I developed a Cork accent for unknown reasons, I left in the same clothes that I arrived in and looked an absolute disgrace – but it was a special one.

14. Visiting London for my 21st

This year I was brought to London for my birthday, which is a way better present than anything I’ve gotten before. I have posted about it here, which basically just contains details of how I was the most hungover human on earth for the week following all of my birthday celebrations. London is a deadly place, me and my mother had an absolute ball and now I need to live there.

15. My Sweet Angel Dog Recovering

The fat hound we call Tallulah of course made her way to some Terry’s Chocolate Orange, just in time for Christmas. The poor angel was sick and on Christmas Day was brought to hospital and stayed there for 3 long days. After a long battle of being unsure what would happen, she pulled through and honestly nothing beats that.

16. Christmas Eve & Stephen’s Day

So skip Christmas Day altogether because it’s always horrible. But the day before and the day after was actually very enjoyable this year. I was thankfully not in Limerick for once, so I had the opportunity to see about 90% of the people I’ve ever known. I was with people I haven’t seen in years, months and weeks – so it was a pleasure! In addition to this, 2016 was the year of reuniting with old mates and making lots of new ones so I am 10/10 pleased about that. xx

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