In April/ May this year we went on the trip of a lifetime to Cuba. A country that I’ve always wanted to see, but one that always seemed quite complex to get to or to get around once you’re there. When I did the research, I discovered that it’s not as hard as you think to travel to this Caribbean destination and definitely affordable even on a budget.

When I wrote my Interesting Facts about Cuba Post a while back, I was immediately intrigued by the culture, the vast contrast of landscapes and the fact that they seemed to be decades behind modern society. These things along with the music, the affordability and the climate were more than enough reason to make the long journey to Cuba. 

You can see from these photos that we travelled around a small bit and were lucky to see Havana, Vinales, Trinidad and Varadero. There is so much more to the island than this, but it was pretty good going for a 2 week trip! It was by far, we agreed, the best place we had ever visited and I would love to go back to explore the rest of Cuba.