This was by far the best year of my life, which is a statement I can say with much joy! Like everyone, over the years I’ve had many ups and downs but 2017 for me seemed to be busy and full of a lot of fantastic things. As I was writing this, I noticed the amount of times I wrote laughed, cried and ‘emoshe’. I also noticed how long it was and almost didn’t want to post it, but actually why not celebrate how much I did in one year? It’s a good feeling and I hope this year will be the same!

So here’s the things that stood out for me as the most memorable moments of 2017, the good and the bad… Because obviously you can’t do so much great stuff, without some things going wrong.

1. New Years Day 2017, eating a disgusting amount of Chinese with one of my besties in her house like old times sakes

2. Late nights studying for the first half of my final year exams. Anyone doing them soon, I promise you: final year will fly by, try have fun in between the late night brain melting college shit

3. Handing in my dissertation was an unbeatable feeling, after many moons of immersing myself in the Irish wedding industry. I then went to my last student ball with my two college gals which was lovely

4. Reuniting with my v. important pal Shane in Cork for Paddy’s weekend + saw Kinsale for the first time in the sun!

5. Attending the Electric Picnic launch + having a spontaneous night out with my dear friend Cian

6. The next day getting my friend from Norway, Mia, who I lived with in Amsterdam for a month + it was our first time reuniting since then

7. Walking from Dalkey to Dun Laoghaire in the sunshine to meet my mama, Grandma and step family for an amazing meal on Mother’s Day (anything that involved sunshine will make this list)

8. I can’t pinpoint any particular night, but I found myself saying ‘yes’ to going out more + not being a hermit. I went out more in final year than 1st-3rd combined + it was the best decision I ever made

9. At Easter, went on first trip of the year to Spanish Point, Co. Clare with my Dad and family (sunshine)

10. Had my first ever surgery. The recovery was by far the worst 2 weeks of my life, I’m a tough cookie, but the pain of this…

11. Before I even had time to recover properly, came my final year exams. The feeling of walking out of there when I was done was moy beauno

12. Started off my first summer of freedom by going to Barcelona with some of my grooviest friends. Had a slightly wild first few days + flew back to Dublin for one night to do the 3rd interview for my job

13. Did the interview, flew back to Barcelona for Primavera, went to wrong side of city, missed pretty much all of Solange, lost my friends, made new friends, saw actual Bon Iver live, got robbed, still had a great time. Saw Mac DeMarco, Skepta, Arcade Fire + watched sunrises on beaches + all that good stuff

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14. Day after I got home, got a phone call to say that I had got the job + it was in my first choice of city: Toronto. Cried for about 2 hours

15. Worked at the National Gallery of Ireland with my mama, helped with the reopening + the Vermeer launch which was an amazing experience

16. Got my final year results + found out that I got a First Class Honours overall, which was unexpected

17. Went to my first Body & Soul with a fantastic collection of friends, saw actual Bonobo live + had arguably one of the best weekends of all time. Asked a girl to hold up my scarf while I peed at Bonobo + she said she recognised me cause she followed my blog (yay, hello again if you are reading this)

18. Saw Kings of Leon with my dad, saw one of my top 5 fave songs of all time (Knocked Up) live + cried

19. Went to Limerick and got to hang out with both of my grannies + my God Son who grows about 3ft every time I see him (emotional) 🙁

20. Flew to Alicante for the first time to go to Benicassim with a large flock of women. Joined my first mosh pit at Stormzy, swam in the warmest sea ever, sweated more than I knew it to be possible, drank a lot of warm gin, saw Bonobo again + Foals + Red Hot Chili Peppers!

41 Memorable Moments of 2017 - Bekah Molony - A little bit of B

21. A week later I went to see U2 in Croke Park with my Dad. For the second time this year I heard one of my top 5 fave songs ever (Ultraviolet: Light My Way) which me and my dad have as matching tattoos so safe to say was one of the best moments of my life

22. As I was packing up to move out of my childhood home for Toronto, got the worst phone call ever to say that there was a problem with my visa so I would not be able to go to Canada

23. Few days later went back to Amsterdam for first time since I lived there + had an amazing reunion with a lot of my old friends


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24. Back in Ireland went on my second trip to Spanish Point, on the way down finding out my job would be in Brussels which made me cry hysterically

25. Had my last day in the best job in the whole world in Primark, Dublin. The sweetest ladies in there threw me a mini party + gave me endless amounts of shoes. Cried like a baby

27. Had a fantastic going away celebration + a really memorable night in my old house in Stoneybatter (also my last horaah in that home which was emoshe)

28. A few days later went to my 5th Electric Picnic, saw the XX + Tribe Called Quest, enjoyed insanely warm weather + Sunday 3/9/2017 ended up one of the bestest days of my whole entire year. Lorfed a large amount

29. Had a very crazy, emotional day + a half of goodbyes, then got on a flight to Brussels

30. Got to the city and loved it immediately, couldn’t believe I almost didn’t come 31. Had my phone robbed on my first night out here. Absolutely typical but I was so happy with my current life situation that I honestly didn’t lose sleep over it. Positive vibes yall

31. For a month was in between hotels, couches etc. etc which was not glamorous at all. But finally found a beautiful apartment to live in + got the keys on October 1st woohoo!

32. Came home for my 22nd Birthday + saw (almost) every human in Dublin that I love the most. I think this was probably the best night/ next morning of my life

33. Randomly went to a town in Belgium to accept an award on behalf of the Titanic Museum Belfast + stayed in a beautiful hotel feeling v important

34. Next day went to Paris, enjoyed the beautiful city, reunited with my friend from Amsterdam, made more new friends

35. Got my first visitor in Brussels + had a fab night out for Halloween + many laughs

36. That weekend went back to Dublin to graduate, took me picture + that was about it – graduations are very underwhelming if you ask me. Had cosy weekend though which was great, watched Sharknado 4 which was the highlight

41 Memorable Moments of 2017 - Bekah Molony - A little bit of B

37. Got 24 hour stomach poisoning thing + had the most miserable day ever, being sick alone ain’t fun. Next day had to be in Cologne for an important meeting, being an adult person ain’t fun. Saw Cologne, it was weird, won’t be rushing back

38. Went to Amsterdam again at the start of December for a very funky mini trip, ate rundelkrumpets things, watched Man’s Not Hot in a coffeeshop for some reason + laughed 80 million times

49. Had a magical run up to Christmas in Brussels with the markets, proper snow and ice skating

40. Went home for 1 week saw many people I love, barely had chance to sit down, got + gave some lovely presents, spent Christmas Day in Limerick + was actually a nice calm one compared to last year (if anyone recalls Talullah)…

41. Spent NYE in Bruxelles with good people + enjoyed recovering the next day watching Black Mirror on the couch – a fantastic start to 2018.