Phones can be annoying. Especially when Whatsapp group notifications get out of control or you get the ‘Storage Full’ pop up when you were just about to take a-once-in-a-lifetime-greatest photo-of-all-time.

However, technology is so super excellent when the time is right. And one of those times is when you’re in another country, and have no clue what’s going on. I really don’t think me and Hannah would have gotten very far during our Interrailing trip if we didn’t have our Google Maps app… I can safely say that I l-o-v-e, love my little phone when travelling. So if you’re the same and are planning on visiting Dublin soon, these are the apps you need!


Dublin Bus

If you’re staying near a bus route while visiting Dublin (more than likely), you need the Dublin Bus app. You can see real time, timetables and calculate fares. It’s really pricey to pay for individual bus rides, so if you’re visiting and will be getting the bus a lot, I would definitely recommend getting a visitor bus pass. I think 72 hours is €20, which is really good considering you can use it as much as you want.

Tip: Take note of the ‘Stop Number’ at the bus stop and add it to your favourites in the app. That way, you can time the bus perfectly and not have to stand in the cold waiting for ages. If you are passing through the city centre I would give yourself an extra 20 minutes of travel time due to the horrific traffic system in the city.



Groupon is in most countries, so you probably know what it is. But the Irish one is really handy, they actually have lots of good deals. You can mostly find great offers on lunch, dinner or drinks in very central places. I’ve never used Groupon in another country but I know that if you use it for the first time while visiting Dublin, you can get 25% off, which is pretty sweet.

Tip: They can be limited to certain days or times sometimes such as only Monday to Thursday. So make sure you read the small print before purchasing.


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Google Maps

Everyone probably uses this one, but it has saved me so many times both abroad and in Ireland. Some cities and countries have not yet got up to speed with the directions feature on the Google Maps app, but while you’re visiting Dublin it’s fantastic!

Tip: This is not the same as the ‘Maps’ app pre-installed on an iPhone. It’s a different one with way more info on directions and travel routes.



This app shows you all the places with entry or drinks deals on. You will mostly see €2 promotions for shots, drinks, cans etc. in places such as Dicey’s, Palace, Opium Rooms, Hangar and Everleigh Gardens. Although I wouldn’t recommend any of these places, I understand that a cheap night out in a foreign city is as good as anything at times. So just prepare yourself for the sights you see when there’s €2 drinks circulating. You also need a Facebook account to sign up.

Tip: I have mentioned these places as they are the places that offer cheap deals and run lots of student nights, however I do not particularly condone these venues. The least offensive of the mentioned clubs are Opium Rooms and Hangar.


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An alternative to Uber, as there are not as many Ubers in Dublin than other cities I’ve been to. Dublin has a good taxi system so you should be able to get around via car easily enough, if you can’t/ don’t want to get the bus. A lot of my friends who visit me say that Dublin taxis are quite cheap, but that’s coming from places such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen etc. so anything is cheaper than there. Just to be sure, always keep about €10 per person for taxi funds.

Tip: If you’re going out on a Friday or Saturday night, try and use the ‘book in advance’ feature on these apps. Every man, woman and child will be getting a taxi in Dublin so it’s better to not be waiting around.


Just Eat

If you got yourself a deal on Groupon for dinner, went out for €2 drinks in Opium Rooms and then had to Hailo yourself a taxi home – you may need some takeaway the next day. Skip Deliveroo, cause the poor folks on the bikes are probably very busy on a Sunday cycling around to hungover citizens. Just Eat has loads of lovely options, just pop in your location and see what’s open to deliver to you asap.

Tip: If you’re visiting Dublin, you need to get a Spice Bag/ Box – it’s essential.


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