As you may know, I spent January to July in the one and only city of Amsterdam. I was there on work placement as a part of my college course and I could not be happier with my choice of destination. Moving anywhere for the first time can be scary, and as I was on my own I did go through a lot of ups and downs. But overall, the city treated me well and I had some of the best times of my life there. In the video is times I’ve had at theme parks, at Coldplay, on boats, in clubs, out for dinner, out for brunch, with friends and family, exploring botanical gardens, getting lost in funfairs, finally seeing Sensation White, spending hours in the zoo, eating at food festivals, sunbathing in the perfect heat, cycling everywhere I go, getting ice cream, getting pancakes and basically having the time of my life. I wouldn’t change anything about this trip, and anyone considering moving to Amsterdam should just do it!


Next week, I will be posting my top things that you need to know before relocating to the Dam. Enjoy!