In Ireland and the UK it’s Mother’s Day today and for it, I just wanted to write a small message to my beautiful mother.

3 years ago I wrote 10 reasons why you’re the best and although those reasons still stand- a lot has changed since then. Both of us are in different places and have been through various things, which I think has brought us even closer together.  And now more than ever, I want to follow your lead in life.
Seeing you give your all in your career, since basically the day I was born and then put it all on hold to take care of YOU… was one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine how scary that must have been, but I saw how lighter it made you. Waking up in Roundwood to a humming happy mama, whipping up all sorts of yogurt mixtures with granola and fancy fruits exotiques and Lyric FM playing in the background – is something I never thought I would witness! The laughter in the house from you and Mick, you IRONING(!) without a care in the world, just the general energy – it just showed me that it’s never too late to change things and that it’s OK to take a minute to look after yourself. 

On the other end of it, seeing you get stuck back into what you do best, is really what I hope to be at some stage in my life. Seeing you change the game in the National Gallery, made me so emotional because you deserve to be doing what you love. You are so smart and so good at what you do. Every time I work with you, I see people turn to you to find the answers and if you don’t have the answer, you figure it out with them.

Not just in work but your friends, your family, you have time for everyone and would never turn your back on anyone who needs you. Living away from home is easier when you know you have such a strong support system to turn to, and you are one of the key members of that system for me. 


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Although I take after you in so many things like being a PRIME target for mosquitos, having a snorty-cackle laugh, being able to out-drink any man and the deep deep love of sleeping in… I’m also proud to say that I hope I take after you in caring for others, having drive and the ability to out-work any man too 🙂

You’re strong and fiesty, but also extremely empathetic and respectful. For these things, and so much more, today I think about the reasons not only why I love you, but why I look up to you and why I am happy to call you my friend.

Happy Mother’s Day ♥️