Looking for an Air Help review before submitting your claim to them? Are you wondering is Air Help legit? I had these questions too, along with being curious about the Air Help fee and although I didn’t find too many Air Help reviews online at the time last year, I decided to take the risk.

Before we dive in, Air Help is a service that you can submit a claim for a cancelled or delayed flight. They do all the legal work behind the scenes and if they are successful, you get your money, but they also get a chunk. If they lose your case, you don’t pay a cent. If you ran into some costs because of a flight disaster, it’s definitely worth filing a claim to cover those costs and that’s what I decided to do with these guys.

Is this Air Help Review legit? It sure is and here's what I was claiming compensation for (screenshots down below people!):

In May of last year, I went on the trip of a lifetime and spent 2 weeks in Cuba. All was going splendidly, until I found some WiFi during our last day in Varadero and casually checked our flight status. Much to my horror (omg the drama!) I saw that our final connecting flight from London to Brussels had been changed and that we were being put on a different flight 24 hours later. Hold on… refresh emails, check texts, check the junk folder – why has no one told us? Before you even assume that we booked via a third party who makes money off people missing flights, this entire booking was made through the very reputable airline Air Canada.

Thankfully, I had figured it out before our WiFi ran out and got my brilliant mama to book us an airport hotel where we could at least shower and rest. Highly recommend the Leonardo Hotel London Heathrow by the way! Insanely priced food but very nice rooms and easy to get to.

While at the hotel, I tried to find out what the f was going on. Contacted Air Canada – oops sorry nothing to do with us, that part of the journey was with Brussels Airlines. Ok… I look up their website, oh fabulous a strike, how Belgian. I contacted Brussels Airlines to check in and oops no can do, we need the reference number to check you in. Gave them the only reference number I had. Oh no sorry that was for the original flight. At the airport they said our seats weren’t guaranteed, it was all a mess. 

Need I go on about how useless everyone involved was? No, because in the end we got a seat (together by some miracle) and got back to Brussels eventually. Sob story over. I was ready to get justice and there’s a reason I gave this much detail. Queue the Air Help review. 

You need to go into every detail about how AWFUL your experience was and how it ruined everything (more drama!). Keep your hotel, food and transport receipts, the works. You essentially are proving how inconvenient the cancellation was and how it costed you time and money, which of course was true in our case. The service is very easy to use but a quick google of some Air Help reviews will let you know that they take a hefty fee. The Air Help fee that we paid was €125 out of our €500 owed, so we got €375 in the end. Below is how long it took to get the Air Help money back.

Air Help Review - Is Air Help Legit? What is the Air Help Fee

That €375 covered the airport hotel, the extortionate-London-priced food that we had and then some. I have to say, I rather have not had a cancelled flight and needed to use Air Help at all… but we count ourselves lucky that we were stranded in London rather than in Toronto or further away.

Despite this being a very positive Air Help review, if I were to run into a similar situation, I probably wouldn’t use them again. I kind of figured out how to win a claim with an airline without paying someone to do it, where you get to keep all the money for yourself (woohoo). Bottom line: Is Air Help legit? Yes, it’s super legit. But if you have time and patience, it can be done by yourself. Either way, prepare to play the waiting game!

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