This week I joined in on a breakfast meeting with my mam, in the gorgeous Airfield Estate Farm & Café in Dundrum. As you drive in from the busy roads, you are surprised to see lots of green and farmland surrounding you. This is a unique spot to visit if you are looking for something different to do on your day off.

The Airfield Estate contains the loveliest little café, where you could start or end your experience. Airfield Farm & Café is a cosy but modern little building which looks out to the nature that makes up the estate.

We were there for around 10.30am on a Monday morning, not too busy but plenty of customers having food and meetings around us. The servers were polite and prompt, bringing fresh water with mint in cucumber to our table when we were sat. We had a 5 month old the table which wasn’t a problem, they were happy to give us a baby chair and there was lots of other little ones in the café too. Overall it seemed like a very laid back and family friendly place from the get go.

The Food

It was hard to resist the French Waffle (made with Airfield Jersey milk, grilled bacon medallion, maple syrup & creme fraiche, €9.50), but I don’t think I could have handled that on a Monday morning. So we ordered delicious coffees along with Eggs Benedict (€10.50) and the Granola with Yogurt & Berries (€6.50). The food came really quickly and tasted great. The Bennys had the all important runny yolk, which is a winner in my book!

I would love to come back for brunch on the weekends, where from 9.00am to 4.30pm Saturday & Sunday they serve some amazing looking dishes. Not only is there the French Waffle and Eggs Benedict options, but they also have some of those delicious lunch items such as the Black Pudding Salad and the Airfield Lamb Burger. I also had a peak at the menu and there is a Weekend Roast on offer too, with plenty of kids options all round. | Airfield Estate Farm & Cafe Breakfast Menu | Bekah Molony

The Setting

The café restaurant is a gorgeous, bright and open space with white and wooden interiors. The long stretch holds plenty of tables, perfect for large groups or just small twos and threes.

In addition to all of this lovely stuff, there is a lot to do in Airfield Estate. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to hang out with any animals, but apparently there is a lot to do and see on the grounds. From the hens’ morning egg collection to watching the cows being milked – there’s a great insight into the kind of work that the people of Airfield Estate do everyday. They have woodlands, gardens, play areas for kids and a massive pond where they are encouraging wildlife to come and flourish.

This is a perfect day out for anyone, whether a family filled with curious kids or couples looking for a unique but cute date – this is the place to visit. Of course now that it’s coming into Spring, lots of action will be happening at Airfield Estate. Animals, flowers, farming and more – nature will be in full swing very soon up here, so go check it out!

A lovely moment between Juliet and her 2 month old colt

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