I went to this beautiful place for a bite to eat with some people from work. Since moving here I have been trying my best to get around to as many Amsterdam restaurants as I can, and Mazzo was a great find! There was a group of around 10 of us and they were able to accommodate us all as well as other smaller groups who filled up the restaurant, they have a lovely big dining room. As a group we got a range of things from their delicious Italian menu. There was plenty to choose from, all within varied price ranges.

The Food

The menus were in Italian (which was a nice authentic-y touch) so it wasn’t the easiest to pick our items. But if you have a word or two of some European language, I think it’s pretty easy to guess. I went for a small sized portion of the Mushroom Risotto with a side of spinach. It was absolutely yummy and I was glad I got a smaller risotto larger than a ‘main’ size as it was very rich and filling. Although I don’t like mushrooms, for some reason I think mushroom risottos are really tasty and this one did not disappoint.

Some other dishes ordered included this delicious seafood linguine pictured. And yes it tasted as good as it looks! The person who ordered it was very happy with his choice and I was happy to sit beside him and smell the aromas coming from the clams and herbs on top. Others went for the different delicious pizza choices that were on the menu. I didn’t taste them because I was actually quite full from my meal but they were very impressive looking. You could tell that they were made with love in the kitchen, they had big rough pieces of parma ham and chunks of mozzarella thrown on top with lovely crispy bases. There was excellent feedback all round from everyone who went for pizzas.

Mazzo Restaurant Review Amsterdam Food - Bekah Molony

Overview of the Restaurant

Mazzo was very big and felt nice and spacious. I hate going to restaurants that are just crammed with tiny tables on top of each other so that they can get more covers. This place was different, it was roomy in the best way possible. I loved all of the lighting that they had above, as well as the design of the place in general. They had a beautiful bar with an almost bookshelf like display of wines and ornaments. I loved the use of wood on one side of the dining room in contrast with the clean, white and modern layout of the opposite end.

At the time, I thought that the service was decent, but in hindsight it was quite good compared to other places that I’ve been to in Amsterdam since then. I think the serving culture in Ireland is taken a bit more seriously than over here (in the places I’ve been and worked in anyway!), which took me a few goes to realise. There was nothing wrong with the service here, it was perfectly fine, but nothing over the top memorable.

It wasn’t exactly cheap, but it was definitely worth the price that we paid. If I were to come here again with a smaller group of say three or four, I would probably order a couple of small things for sharing and maybe a pizza. There’s a lot to choose from and at the price it is at, it seems like a perfect chance to sample a bit of everything with a few friends. I would definitely return, but probably for some sort of occasion as opposed to popping in for a bite to eat.

Mazzo Restaurant Review Amsterdam Food - Bekah Molony

We chose to eat here as it is very close to our office in the Westermarket area. This street is a great spot for finding Amsterdam restaurants, bars and caf├ęs that aren’t for tourists. I think people don’t like to stray too far from the heart of the city, but this place is a 10 minute walk from Dam Square, just past Anne Frank’s House. I have included the location on google maps below, so you can just save it and see how close it is to everything. I would highly recommend this place for a night out when you want to spend good money on good food.

Plenty more reviews of Amsterdam Restaurants to follow!