This was a bit of a last minute trip which made it all that more exciting. I decided to take my first trip to Holland with a few lovely friends from Cork and their friends that I had yet to meet. Besides from the obvious reasons to go and have fun in this beautiful city, I would highly recommend Amsterdam. Here’s the highlights and some photos of my four day trip to the Dam.

Amsterdam Trip - Bekah Molony


The Beauty of the City

Honestly, every road you walk down is amazing to look at. I had no idea that it was filled with such beautiful architecture and pretty streets. I don’t know much history about Holland but it’s evident that artists and talented people built the place. Not only has it preserved it’s history so well through the buildings and canals kept in great condition, but they have also managed to make it a totally functional place to be. I took many a tram and train while travelling around the place and the fact that there are so many vehicles crossing through the streets doesn’t make it feel like too much of an urban modern city. There are still trees, water, parks and open air to breathe in and you can still cross the rod and hop on a tram!

Amsterdam Trip - Bekah Molony


Our Airbnb

If you haven’t experienced staying in an Airbnb yet, I urge you to try it out! For those of you not sure what it is, it’s basically people like you or me renting out their room/ apartment/ house to tourists who want to explore the place you live. There are literally over 1 million rooms available around the world which offers an alternative accommodation when travelling. Sometimes it’s cheaper, sometimes it’s the same or more expensive than say a hotel. But some of the places on the site are literally unreal houses that you could only dream of having. Which is exactly where we stayed in Amsterdam.

It was a two-storey apartment which was completely white, bright, clean and beautiful. It was full of plants and nice art with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There was a beautiful kitchen with so much light, a massive living room with big comfy sofas and a huge tv. Up the extremely narrow but very cool stairs there was two massive bedrooms, one with a balcony with gorgeous views. Further up again was a very nice roof area which we thoroughly enjoyed sitting out on in the sun.

Amsterdam City Bekah Molony

This was the rooftop of our apartment where you could sit out and watch the clouds, it was so lovely and quiet up there! On my last morning there me and my friend actually fell asleep up there lying in the sunshine, that’s how lovely it was 🙂

Van Gogh Museum

I promised myself that I had to pay a visit to this museum while I was here and it was worth a trip out. The famous ‘Sunflowers’ was there, amongst many other beautiful pieces. I really do like art so it’s not a surprise that I would enjoy strolling around in there. But I also think that you don’t have to be a historical painting fanatic to enjoy the work that he created. It’s a really lovely place to spend the afternoon. HOWEVER. I will say this; the queue is long and it’s roasting in the sun but very cold in the shade. So I would recommend buying a ticket in advance.


Amsterdam City Bekah Molony


The Food of Amsterdam

I didn’t take any photos of the food but it was probably the best part! Anything you could dream of was just around the corner. Similar to the red light district there were streets dedicated to food with massive displays of mad food creations displayed in the window. I ate so many different things like crepes, waffles, noodles, hot dogs and basically anything that was delicious and served quickly. At one point I was eating massive multiple layered Domino’s pizza slices at the same time as tucking into a portion of Dutch pancakes smothered in butter and sugar. I easily put on a few pounds while I was over there, there’s so much temptation. But that’s allowed on holidays 🙂 I hopefully will be returning to Amsterdam in the near future, I just completely fell in love with the place. We had so much fun exploring the city and living the Dutch life, but there are many other things I would love to do and see so I’ll be returning!