I’ve done it, it’s kinda cool, kinda lonely. But how do you know if you’re ready to live away from home? I never knew, I just went for it. Firstly, I did the whole living with a bunch of exciting people of similar age, life status, goals and the need to party. Did that in the US of A. That was fab. Go do that. Go do that now. There’s no special criteria that you need to meet, you just gotta be able to manage money well enough that you can afford rent, food and alcohol. It’s easy if you have a good enough job. Living with mates is great fun. But there’s another version.

Living alone/ mostly alone is an exciting thing, but it also takes a little while to embrace. I’ve listed some thoughts below, that I think are good things to consider, if you think you are ready to live away from home.

Can you cook a meal that isn’t a stir fry?

If no, then I sure hope you like stirfrys, cause no ones gonna be making you that lasagna you dream of.

Can you walk up the stairs in the dark without running a small bit and checking behind you for the unknown?

If not, I wouldn’t suggest going just yet.

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Can you sleep in your house without being paranoid that every sound that you hear, is a tribe of mass murders coming to get you?

This is admittedly hard to get over, but it must be done, to be ready to live away from home.

Hate pre-drinking on your own, listening to banger tunes off your phone while waiting to go out?

Yeah same.

Can you handle being hungover on your own, with no one to complain to, cuddle with or to share a takeaway with?

It’s not essential that you can handle this, but it’s pretty awful being in bits alone. It also increases the fear by about 86%.

Would it make you feel weird to know that you can go a whole weekend without human contact and remain in bed watching Netflix, only getting up to go to the toilet and maybe eat?

If yes, then you’re right, it is weird and not something to be proud of.

Can you get things done without being reminded? (ie. eat food, do laundry, go to work?)

Come on, you got this. 

Can you deal with bad things without having anyone to turn to (ie. someone at home passing away/ relationship ending/ friend betraying you/ new friends leaving to return home)? 

Yeah, it’s tough out but not the end of the world… this is why FaceTime exists. 

Overall, are you totally cool with being alone with yourself and your thoughts for the majority of your time?

If not, then you sure as hell would want to get reacquainted with your good self 🙂

alittlebitofb.com - Are you really ready to live away from home?

But it’s not all that bad…

No need to clean up after anyone, your mess is your own therefore not really a mess.

Like singing in the shower? Go for it hun, no one can hear the pain in your voice as you harmonise with Adele.

There is absolutely no one waking you up from your lie in to ask you for a favour or interruptting your dreams with the sound of a hoover.

You can do super fun workouts that require loads of jumping around, cause you ain’t bothering no one except your neighbour below you if you live in an apartment (f them).

Being naked is a big one. In so many different ways, the possibilities are literally endless.

Making yourself a really nice meal and sitting down to eat it, is a lovely thing.

If you like taking pictures of things (including yourself) it’s much easier when no one can embarrass you, by seeing you do it.

No waiting around to use the toilet/ bathroom/ shower.. it’s all you bebé.

Disgusted at how much wine you can get through on a glum Saturday night? No need to hide the evidence, no one can see it if they’re not there.

When people visit, you’re so very uber cool to host them in your little living quarters… But just remember that they’ll still expect you to provide amazing meals, even though you’ve been cooking for yourself everyday, for months on end.

And finally, you will slowly become at one with yourself and all that jazz :).

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