Last week, Barcelona gave music fans the amazing Primavera Sound 2017. This event is known to be the first of the festival season in Europe, which happened between the 31st of May and the 4th of June.

My friends and I attended, along with spending a week in Barcelona. It was my first time in the city and my first time at Primavera Sound, so naturally I had to do a little post on my experience. Because we were primarily there for Primavera Sound, we did not get round to doing many activities, so here’s the highlights of my week. 

Mac DeMarco at Primavera Sound

I had to put this boy up here straight away, because it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever, ever seen. I’d be doing well to remember all the details, but I do remember for sure hearing My Kind of Woman, Chamber of Reflection**, Ode to Viceroy and Still Together. Not only was the music fantastic, but what an absolute bunch of lads to watch on stage. They were all in the nude and/ or stripping down on stage, drinking questionable liquids and having a whale of a time up there. 

You cannot help but be happy, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing with whoever is next to you, when this guy is playing. I only started listening to him recently enough, but my fave song The Stars Keep on Calling My Name played – and I was squealling. Such great memories. If you don’t know him, get into it right here right now.

** I thought it would be funny to note that until I proofread this the second time, I had written ‘Chamber of Secrets’ instead of ‘Chamber of Reflection’. Proofreading saves lives kids.

Brunch and Cake

I will most definitely do a separate post on this, because it deserves an entire couple of hundred words to itself. I was a failure of a tourist in Barcelona, I did not see anything worth mentioning – not even the Sagrada Familia (sorry Dad). But I did however, manage to randomly find the one place I’ve always wanted to visit in the city. I present to you: Brunch & Cake.

If you’re into healthy, gorgeous, delicious, well priced, generous food and drinks – this is for you (if you are not interested in that combination, then I really don’t know?). We left this treat of a trip for our last day in Barcelona and we were not disappointed.

Like hello sir. #HolyGod #BarcelonaEats #BrunchandCake

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Bon Iver at Primavera Sound

I essentially booked Primavera Sound tickets the moment that I saw that Frank Ocean was playing. Following this was a serious, serious bonus that Bon Iver and Solange among others were headlining. Frank Ocean cancelled and I missed most of Solange due to a very confusing and unfortunate Google Maps mishap. So it was all riding on Bon Iver to kick off the Primavera Sound experience for me. It did not disappoint.

I got all 3 of my favourite tracks from the new album 21 (Over Soon), 715 Creeks and 8 (circle) – pure, pure magic live. Also amazing was Minnesota, WI, Perth and 21 Moon Water. I could probably just list the whole set if I remembered it, but I was in a fairly trance like state. I also met some fantastic festival mates here, who made my time at Primavera – big shoutout to them. Didn’t get to hear Blindsided, but I’ll let that one go.

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The Eating

If you’re not eating tapas and ordering paella, are you even in Spain? The answer is no, no you’re not. If there’s one thing that I’m doing on holidays, it’s eating my way through the area and Barcelona was no exception. Last year while I was working in Travelbird, I had to research and write about Spain a number of times, including mentioning popular food and drink. So I finally got to sample a lot of them in Barcelona, including Sangria which I could drink all day, everyday, if the opportunity presented itself.

Beach Situations

I used to hate the beach, but mainly because the thought of the beach usually equaled a very cold, sandy, Irish experience – but Barcelona gave us some great beach memories. We headed there for the first two nights, drinking extremely cheap alcohol and listening to lovely music as someone would eventually strip down and jump in. Despite a few dodgy people trying to distract you as their friends eye up your goods, it was the perfect spot to watch the sunrise and meet new people.

Hola hola #sunrise vibes shoutsouts 2 my moms hashtag shoutsout #momz #Barca #OrcaWhalez

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The Rest of the Music at Primavera Sound

It would feel wrong to not mention the rest of the amazing acts that I saw at Primavera Sound, so I will add them on here. Arcade Fire was absolutely spectacular, they are such an extraordinary presence on stage. I had seen them at Oxegen one year in Ireland, but that was some time ago so it was great to be able to see them again. Although I cannot ever seem to remember any lyrics, I do enjoy Skepta and seeing him live was a great experience. Even at the very back of the crowd we were all getting extremely grimey, it was fab.

I had never heard of Kink before I went to his set, but he was amazing! I could even say, that he was one of the best djs that I’ve ever seen, big ups. I managed to miss Solange, Glass Animals, the XX, the surprise HAIM set and Run the Jewels – bit of a disaster, but I’m sure the opportunity will come round again. 

Seeing Our Dear Lora 

Last but not least, we all got to see our wonderful friend who moved to Barcelona last year. Seeing this angel was the perfect start to the trip and she was looking vibrant, in love and still the pale woman she left us as. We love you Loz xxx