This beautiful place used to be a water pumping station and now this restaurant is probably one of the best places to go for dinner in Amsterdam. You won’t find this on any tourist map, as it is quite far out west. But I can tell you how worth it is to take a trip out to eat there.

When we arrived to Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam without a booking on a Saturday evening, the place was packed. Which is hard to believe when you see the sheer size of it. But when we did a quick google on where to go for dinner in Amsterdam in the west of the city – this place seemed like a favourite for locals. This was easy to see why as there was families, big groups and couples filled the whole restaurant all the way back to the front door. We were told we had to wait, but ended up getting a little table for three in the ‘library’ or ‘cafe’ area (can’t remember which it was! Something to signify it wasn’t a part of the main restaurant!) We were told we had to wait 30 minutes or so but actually a waitress came and took our order straight away – which could have been a mistake but we were delighted to say the least.

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam - Best places for dinner in Amsterdam - Bekah Molony

The Food

After seeing one or two of these bad boys being brought to other tables, it was clear from the start what we would be ordering as a starter. Low and behold this beautiful display of seafood which is referred to as ‘Fruit des Mers’ – something I’ve never heard of. However, my mam and stepdad had plenty of experience with this dish so they insisted we have it. We were not disappointed, it was possibly one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. There were clams, some crab, prawns, razor clams, oysters – you name it and it was on that platter. This along with an array of sauces, fresh lemon and delicious bread (the whole gluten free thing did not apply that day for any of us). If you are looking for a seafood orientated dinner in Amsterdam – please come here.

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam - Best places for dinner in Amsterdam - Bekah Molony

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam - Best places for dinner in Amsterdam - Bekah Molony

Second course called for steaks, because why not? They informed me that seeing as I’m broke I deserved to be treated while they visited. Of course I didn’t decline the offer of my favourite thing ever – a delicious meal in a fab restaurant (for free). Prawns were also had and plenty of chips, salad and MORE bread was brought out. I don’t think we spoke much during the meal – there was a lot of can’t-talk-eating moments of appreciation. All the while we drank a delici-osous bottle of Rioja, amazing.

For some strange reason, we decided to get desserts. A beautiful chunky apple pie was put in front of me and my poor mother tackled some sort of cherry thing. The only reasoned we survived these were the coffees accompanying the desserts. We actually had to get an Uber home due to the mass amounts of food consumed – we were like a bunch of slugs who somehow found themselves out for a lovely dinner in Amsterdam.

Overall Impression

I am usually oh so unimpressed with the service in Amsterdam and at this stage I expect it when I go out. Almost every single place I go is disappointing but this place was just fine by me. I didn’t have any complaints – and that is a very good thing when out for dinner in Amsterdam. The main thing was that we didn’t wait centuries for our food and no items were forgotten about – that’s really all that matters to me and smiling servers help too.

Overall impression; absolutely delighted that we came across this place. Although it is off the beaten track, it is an experience in itself to come out here. Actually, it’s a little bit hard to spot because it’s in the middle of housing and apartments where kids were playing outside, we thought we were in the wrong place! Nonetheless, it’s definitely a good spot if you are trying to find somewhere to have dinner in Amsterdam for a quality meal or even a special occasion. They were taking groups of all sizes when we ate there, the building is humongous! But I wouldn’t count on the size of the place meaning you don’t have to book. We saw lots of people getting very irritated while waiting for a table, so if you want to get your seafood platter in your mouth ASAP – book yourself a table! 

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam - Best places for dinner in Amsterdam - Bekah Molony

As always, here’s a map of the restaurant and the area that it’s in!