Last Friday, the ‘Chef Adrian Eats Ireland’ show kicked off on RTÉ Player. The series will be following the upcoming Chef Adrian around Ireland to taste some of the best food that he can find. For the Dublin installment, I was lucky enough to get a spot on his balcony party where chicken wings were the dish of the day. Earlier that afternoon, Adrian had been into Elephant and Castle to speak to the head chef about their famous wings. Although she mentioned that she was under contract not to give away their secret recipe, Adrian had a pretty good go at recreating the wings while filming his show. The feast was had in the Cooks Academy on South William Street and I was delighted to attend the event.

Keith Walsh from the radio station 2FM, joined the young chef to help out with the tough task of making the tasty wings. As the pair chatted and got to know each other, some serious sauce and serious wing-makin’-techniques were going on. We were all lucky enough to sample the delicious goods at the end, while everyone was snapchatting their jealous mates. Below is a small ad for the series, but you can watch the full 10 minute episode here. You will also see my good self tucking into the tasty wings towards the end – and yes they were as good as they looked. 



Both of these lads were extremely sound and very funny, as was the whole crew. It was a lovely day and we were all counting our blessings that the sun shone down on the lads as they dished up some tasty food. I met lots of lovely people there and was very happy to be a part of Adrian’s first show of the series, so thanks for the invite!