Throughout the month of September, the Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival 2016 will be celebrating the Noble Irish Oyster. Guests of this popular festival can look forward to an extended Oyster Menu featuring premium Irish oyster selections, a limited edition Cliff Oyster Cocktail Menu, exclusive wine pairings and glasses of crisp, cool MOËT & CHANDON. This year will also see a masterclass series of food, fashion and wellness – all focusing on the ever popular seafood dish. The ‘Cliff Townhouse Pearls of Wisdom’ will see unique and intimate events spread out over the month of September, and would be an excellent outing for a special occasion or simply a fun day out with some friends!

Seafood lovers will be pleased to know that the award winning Cliff Townhouse Restaurant, located on Stephen’s Green is hosting it’s fifth Oyster Festival. Yesterday kicked off the ‘All Ireland Oyster Plate’ offering and tomorrow will see the launch of this year’s celebrations. This hugely popular urban Oyster Festival will provide an estimated 10,000 yummy oysters over the next month, says Sean Smith the head chef at the Cliff Townhouse Restaurant.

Irish Goodness

But it’s not just a great event for sampling tasty food and beverages. This year, the festival will celebrate the sourcing of some of their impressive seafood dishes, by focusing in on Ireland’s leading oyster farmers. Sean and his kitchen team are proud to present a wealth of different flavours, dishes, ingredient combinations and of course fresh Irish produce. Throughout the month of the Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival you will be able to find classic tastes as well as new flavours, but the item on the menu I am looking forward to the most is definitely the ‘All Ireland Oyster Plate’. This is a six-oyster offering which comes from the waters around Waterford, Galway, Clare, Mayo and Louth. With each oyster having it’s own distinctive flavour profile, it sounds like the kind of dish that I would be tucking into!

And if you like the sound of that, you will love the sound of the limited edition Cliff Oyster Cocktail Menu, which has been designed for these delicious dishes. The cocktail selection will include premium spirits from Ireland’s leading independent distilleries, all of which have been inspired by the unique taste of each Irish oyster. What’s more, artisan brews made by local folks will be available throughout and the bar team will develop wine pairings to top off the experience.

Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival 2016 | Bekah Molony |

Beyond the Tasty Goods

One of the most exciting things about the Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival this year, is the opportunity to be a part of the masterclasses being hosted at the event. From food to fashion and beyond, the Cliff Townhouse have rightly chosen to celebrate the versatility of the world loved oyster. Tickets only cost €20 per person and include a refreshing Oyster and Champagne reception. Whether you want to look into the nutritional side of things or roll your sleeves up and get cooking, these intimate events are the perfect day out for everyone. The only bad news is that there are only ten places per event, so booking is definitely advised! Below is all of the events and how to book them. I’ve also left a little map of where the Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival is held, so you can see just how handy it is to get to!

These intimate events will have just ten places available at each, so early booking is advised. Tickets are on sale now from Cliff Townhouse 01 6383939.

Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival ‘Pearls of Wisdom’
– A Masterclass Series of Food, Fashion and Wellness

The Event: A World of Pearls
The Host: Natasha Sherling
When: 6pm, Monday September 12th, 2016
What’s Involved: A glamorous evening exploring the drama and romance of the pearl, with acclaimed jeweller and gemmologist, Natasha Sherling.

The Event: Master the Oyster
The Host: Head Chef, Sean Smith
When: 1pm, Saturday September 17th, 2016
What’s Involved: From choosing and preparing, through simple accompaniments and complex dishes, join Cliff Townhouse Head Chef Sean Smith and the Harty’s Oysters team, for an exciting and irreverent oyster-laden cooking session!

The Event: The Forgotten Health Food?
The Host: Annette Sweeney
When: 6pm, Thursday September 22nd, 2016
What’s Involved: Exploring the nutritional and health aspects of the oyster, with culinary nutritionist, Annette Sweeney.

If you can’t make one of these fantastic events, you can still pop into the Cliff Townhouse Restaurant and try the daily specials and weekly offers throughout the month. Prices are from €14.50 and are available weekdays and weekends. Lunch is from 12 noon to 2.30pm and Dinner is from 5pm ‘til late. Bookings on 01 6383939.

For further information on the Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival 2016, you can contact the Cliff Townhouse Thanks to Sync & Swim for the info on this tasty festival!