A few of my friends here said that I absolutely must eat at Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam, otherwise referred to as CT Amsterdam. I have been out for brunch in Amsterdam quite a few times such as in CAU and Mook which were both very good, and this place will be added to my approved list. I think the best part about Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam is for sure the menu. They have the most delicious selection of food and drinks on offer. I love going out to eat and being spoiled for choice. The only problem is that you feel like you’re missing out when you can’t order like six things, so being a part of a group is a good strategy to try a few things (if they are willing to share).

The Food

First off – I want to say that I was absolutely gutted that we missed the ‘Early Breakfast’ options. The whole way there I knew what I wanted, I was so ready to order and just could NOT wait for my chosen goods. And then someone broke my heart by reminding me that it was past 1pm – which was the cut off point for the Full CT Breakfast. You can’t blame me for being annoyed, I was so hungover – I barely knew the day, let alone the time so it was fairly disappointing. I can’t talk about it anymore, but you can see for yourself on the menu below what I missed out on. For this reason, I absolutely must return to Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam before I go home.

Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam | Review by Bekah Molony

All hope was not lost though, because they have an extraordinary menu. All the menus were in Dutch, so I got the wifi password to read the online menu in English (the password is coconuts and probably won’t change – so you are welcome my friend!) We got an array of food, what with being a group of 7 and everything. I opted for the Scrambled Eggs Avo, served on sourdough toast, with miso paste, crumbled feta cheese, taggia olives, fresh avocado and drizzled with extra vierge olive oil. (€8.70) I also added bacon (€2.50) which was a fantastic choice. Me and two other of the ladies got this and we were all very happy with our choice. It looks small, but boy is it filling!

Other items ordered were CT’s Beef Burger ‘Royale with Cheese’, the Goat’s Cheese and Sweet Potato Sandwich and the Beet and Sheep’s Cheese Burger. Everyone was happy with their choices, except the Goats and Sweet Potato had some unknown sauce on it that my friend was not a fan of, but luckily another kind member of the group sorted that right out.

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Overall Impression of Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam

We went on a Sunday afternoon and as you can imagine there was a very long queue. We were a large group of 7 and thankfully some of the group got there a bit earlier to request a table. The waiting time was about 20 minutes for a walk in – which is good to know. However, we decided to go last minute and didn’t make a booking (a walk in of seven… I know, I would have wanted to kill us too) but they had something very quick which was great. Although for your information – you can book online so go ahead and do that if you can! Here is their website, which is very conveniently in English (thank you!) so it’s super easy to make a booking for any amount of people.

One downside of being a walk in of seven people, on a Sunday afternoon at the busiest time of the day (ugh sorry again!) – was that we got a very small table, which was a high top. However, we were very grateful to be accommodated and we are all friends, so we didn’t mind being a bit squished. Other from this table, the restaurant was a massive, open and beautiful building. Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam used to be a cinema back in the 1920s, called the ‘Ceintuur Theater’ – which I thought was very cool. There were three floors of lovely wooden furniture, with a mixture of white and brick interiors – it was actually quite nautical… even though we were nowhere near the beach. I think it may have been the ropes that stretched from one floor to the other – it was like being aboard an old ship.

The service was good – thank god! If you have read any of my past reviews of restaurants in Amsterdam, you will know how I feel about the service here. They weren’t frustrated with our lack of booking, the size of the group or our request for more stools when someone joined at the end. The waitress got our order right and when a cup of tea was missing, it was brought over straight away. They were extremely busy and you could tell they were all working really hard, so it seemed like they knew what they were doing. I say fair play to the team at Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam, they have restored my faith that there may actually be more than a handful of restaurants here, with both great food and great service.

Have you been here yet? If not, I have left a map of where to find the lovely Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam, which isn’t exactly handy to get to – but well worth the commute!