The cost of a weekend in Paris as always, starts before you get there. We were coming from Brussels and decided to use BlaBlaCar as we heard good things about it before. We literally decided to go the week beforehand, so I think if you plan further ahead you could get better deals for transport. If you are going from Ireland or the UK, flights will cost a bit more but be significantly cheaper when thinking ahead. I always use Skyscanner to check out the best times to fly. But if you are in Europe – trains, buses and BlaBla will do the job.

If you don’t know what BlaBla is, it’s a customer to customer service (along waves of Airbnb and Uber) and I have done a quick first experience post, which you can read in the 3 Minute Reads Series.

Again, as we were last minute, we had to go with a hostel. But I would say the cost of a weekend in Paris could be much lower if you plan ahead and shop around for Airbnbs and hotel deals on Groupon and the likes. Only thing is that Paris is quite large – so cheaper may mean far away from the hot happenings. Depends on what you’re into of course!

So, those being the main elements to a cost of a weekend in Paris, here’s the rest in a quick breakdown of what you may find yourself spending money on. I have broken it into four sections which are The Base; Transport; Food & Drink and what my Dad calls: Walkin’ Around Money.

The Cost of a Weekend in Paris

The Base

€50.50 – Return BlaBlaCar from Brussels

€60 – Hostel for 2 nights in the Generator Hostel


€14.50 – Metro (for 10 single tickets)

€17.70 – Ubers (about €50 split between 3 people)

Food & Drink

Friday night

€10 – Bottle of wine

€8 – Naggin of Smirnoff (brought into club)

€3 – Bottle of orange juice *

€0 – Club entry (woo) but €10 for males

*Tip – if you are there during the day time, find supermarkets with cheaper wine and spirits, as these nightshops will charge you the normal overpriced kinda pricing simply because they are nightshops. If you get there late at night and need alcohol, it’s either these nightshops or extortionate prices in most bars.


€22 – Brunch

€3 – Coffee

€10 – Pita Kebab thing (in apparently the BEST place ever)

€18 – 3 Mojitos (found reasonable bar!)

€5 – Various snacks in shop


€14 – Brunch

€12 – Chinese place beside North Station

Walkin’ Around Money

€5 – Souvenir

€20 – Spent on cannot remember for the life of me

Total Spending: €162.20

Total cost of a weekend in Paris: €272.70

After writing out my cost of a weekend in Paris, it kind of looks like I didn’t do much or didn’t hydrate. But I am one of those people who brings an empty bottle of water everywhere to refill, I get really full from the kind of brunches we had and we weren’t there to be major tourists. We were happy to walk around and enjoy the Frenchy vibes, as this was not our first Parisian rodeo.

Therefore, I would suggest increasing your budget for the cost of a weekend in Paris, if you are planning on doing the touristy stuff like entry to museums and such.

My lovely friend Alice, whom I worked with in Amsterdam, is a Paris native and also brought me everywhere I wanted to see and to the places I didn’t even know I wanted to see. Alice, by the way, is an amazing photographer and takes the dreamiest snaps of Paris and her world travels – so go peep her Instagram below!