Earlier this year I met a pair of Irish entrepreneurs at Traverse 2018 in Rotterdam. These people turned out to be the couple behind CultureMee, the world’s first app which was created to combat culture shock.
After chatting and exchanging details, we kept in touch and I’ve been following their story over the past few months. It’s been a busy year for them and they have achieved so much this past while. Among awards, interviews and successfully receiving funding for their fantastic app, CultureMee has also just been selected as a finalist in the category “Best Entrepreneurial Tourism Innovation” at the Irish Tourism Awards

What is CultureMee?

You need a map to get to your destination. But what map do you have for the local people? Welcome to CultureMee, a video content API to bring the local culture to life. 
What I like about this app is that it is so easy to use and the information is actually relevant. What’s more, John & Dee have some really cool videos up there that they sometimes include their super cute baby in.
A rare but lovely thing today that I appreciate about CultureMee: Everything is just real life. I think that one of the main issues today with consuming content online, is that you can almost be sure that it’s been edited in some way. While this is bad for the likes of beauty influencers, I think it can be just as bad for travel bloggers. Very little people like to address or embrace the ‘real’ parts of places they are in… or even be unique in where they take you and what they show you. Everything today seems to be the same tropical looking Lightroom preset and the cliche must have holiday snap.
The team behind CultureMee are lovely people, easy to watch and have created a really cool app. I think it’s perfect for those who are moving country or planning on studying abroad, but just need more info before taking the plunge. One of my most viewed posts is ‘Things to Know Before Moving to Amsterdam’ and their app is pretty much the same thing. They deal with practical information, currencies, languages, the costs to expect and the cultural norms to be aware of. I connected so much with them because I myself had a similar idea for an app and of course, the Irish are great at supporting the Irish. 
John & Dee asked me to be a part of their remote interview series and I was able to squeeze it into my last day ever of living in Brussels. I feel like Brussels is a really underrated city, so you can see below what I had to say in this super quick Q&A. And can I just say? What a fantastic cover photo they chose of me mid rant… will hopefully work on that for next time.