In a former gunpowder factory, Peter Lute is giving high-end cuisine a new look and it’s fresher, rawer and more daring. On the 1st of September, The Spice Factory or ‘De Kruidfabriek’ in Dutch, opened their doors to hungry folks. Chef Lute and his partner Marieke Lute have warmly welcomed their launch after 14 years of hard work. In a greenhouse full of fresh vegetables and a bar overgrown by botanical beauty – Lute’s new adventure is one you won’t want to miss.

The Spice Factory is somewhere that creates inventive cuisine with a raw elegance. Here, you will find local products which have gained depth from subtle spices and herbs – straight from their garden and the greenhouse outback. The Spice Factory is working as much as possible with products that come from Dutch soil, which is one of the most special parts about this restaurant. Peter Lute’s fascination with nature began early in his career and he has always believed that it is necessary to consciously to deal with our environment. This vision has inspired him to give the vegetarian cuisine some extra attention. Of course, there are delicious fish and meat dishes available, but they are very proud to also present an exclusive vegetable menu. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the rich vegetation of the greenhouse will be the backdrop for the vegetarian experience of De Kruidfabriek.

The Vision of De Kruidfabriek

Carrying out this vision is chef Tim Buis, who is responsible for the daily management of the kitchen. Peter Lute has deliberately chosen his former sous chef to act as the curator of this show and when asked about Buis’ talents, Lute says that:

“He is so passionate. I am of course deeply involved with the creation of the dishes, but Tim is really the boss.”

The Chef’s Menu will consist of 4, 5 or 6-courses, meaning that The Spice Factory is giving their customers an opportunity to get acquainted with real, high quality food, as well as the chance to share a personal culinary story with the team behind De Kruidfabriek. In addition to the menu, The Spice Factory has also had to tackle the topic of how to dress their interior, keeping in mind the pressure from other established high-end restaurants. When explaining the feel of the space, they said:

“We started out our restaurant to sort of counteract the other ‘star studded affairs’. Not out of spite, but we wanted to create a more relaxed space.”

And it is true, the interior of De Kruidfabriek is no ordinary sight to see when dining out. To describe the restaurant further they said:

“Green and wild herbs are scattered throughout the area; even the bartenders are picking ingredients for the cocktail menu fresh from the plants. The traditional table linen has disappeared. Light oak tables, greys and steel accents add a subtle industrial look. Plus the smaller entrance creates a raw but warm intimacy.”

De Kruidfabriek ‘The Spice Factory’ Opening | Bekah Molony |

If this laid back and raw scene is something that you’d like to experience, you can now check out The Spice Factory for yourself. Honestly, for students the pricing may be more suited to special occasions. However, knowing just how fresh the dishes are and the love that goes into the whole operation – would make a trip here well worth it! I think this place is particularly special for veggie lovers as they put a real emphasis on fresh produce, straight from local soil.

You can find De Kruidfabriek at De Oude Molen 5 | 1184 VW Amstelveen and the number to call is 020 47 224 62

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