Two weeks ago I took a trip down to Kerry to see Dingle, which became one of my favourite places to be as it’s such a change of scenery compared to being in a city like Dublin. It really is a fantastic representation of ‘Life in the West of Ireland’ with their tiny town full of locals, small Irish businesses and lively pubs to the cliffs, farms and vast amounts of green land stretching for what seems to be forever. It’s very typical countryside as you make your way to Dingle- with cattle roaming about, the thick accents of the locals and you may even hear a bitta Gaeilge, it’s great! This was the third time I was down and I had another fantastic experience that I really wanted to share.

Dingle Trip - Bekah Molony -

Dingle Trip - Bekah Molony -

Fungi the Dolphin

I have always wanted to visit the famous Fungi that lives in Dingle and as a part of my birthday present I was treated to a whole day out doing Dingle-y activities including visiting this famous creature. Fungi is a wild Bottlenose Dolphin who has stuck around the Dingle Bay for nearly 32 years. I’m not too sure where he got his name from but he is world famous and it is widely known that he is one of the main attractions in Dingle.

There are a lot of options to get the opportunity to see him but it’s always in the people of Dingle’s best interest that he remains in a natural environment and meeting him has always been on his own terms. You can even get into a wetsuit and take the plunge of visiting him in the water. We personally went for the boat trip as it was October and the Atlantic Ocean is not exactly the warmest place to be regardless of the season. It was luckily very sunny and quite mild compared to the last two times I had visited, so it was a pleasant surprise to have lovely autumn sun warming up the crisp day.

Dingle Trip - Bekah Molony -

I strongly recommend bringing hats, scarves and gloves for the journey as it is very cold out on the sea. As you can see we were well wrapped up but even still the wind and the spray of the Atlantic was cold! A lovely experience all in all – being out at sea was very refreshing and all this combined with the excitement of finally seeing Fungi definitely worked up an appetite. You can find tours here on the Dingle Peninsula website.

Fish and Chips

We headed straight for fish and chips afterwards as I was very keen to try the seafood in Dingle. We went to a very well known little placed called Reel Dingle Fish. We ordered a few tasty items for ourselves and you could tell it would be fresh and delicious as it took quite a while for the order to be ready. Definitely not your average fast food joint, the fish was obviously made to order and probably caught very recently.

The wait wasn’t too bad though as they had very amusing books, sayings and wall hangings to keep you occupied while waiting for your food. When it was ready, we took it home and devoured it very quickly. The chips were perfectly cooked and seasoned and the calamari and haddock were delicious. I’ve never had such thick and tasty batter before. We had dips and drinks and we probably could have fed two more people with the generous servings given to us. Again, I would highly recommend… especially the calamari!

I don’t have any photos to report, but believe me when I say how good the nightlife is in Dingle Town. We went in and out of so many different places that it was essentially a pub crawl and I could hardly keep up. Anyone looking for a beautiful scenic place by day and fantastic nights out with live music, dancing and a lot of drinking by night – Dingle is the place to be. It really is such a lively place with so much to do and see. Whether you’re from Ireland or somewhere further away, you absolutely must see Dingle  🙂