I just returned from FIB Festival Benicassim and it was amazing. It was my first time at the festival and it was always on my bucket list. It was mostly perfect but I’ve included a few cons to add to the pros. If you are going to Beni in 2019 on July 18th-21st, I am super jealous 😥 .. here’s my FIB Festival Benicassim review so that you can see why…

Pro: Best Lineup Maybe Ever

I went to another Spanish festival last month and I think that the FIB Festival Benicassim probably overtook the lineup of Primavera Sound, which also had some great acts. Beni graced us with Foals (my loves), the Chili Peppers, Stormzy, Bonobo, Kasabian and The Weeknd, all of which were amazing (despite the notoriously weird Spanish crowd). 

Mini Con: Liam Gallagher was Boring

… not sorry about saying that.

Pro: The Weather

It was between 28 and 32 degrees every single day. No need to worry about carrying around a light cardi or going back to change… it was hot all day, everyday. Perfect for tanning, beaching and getting into the freezing campsite showers!

Con: The Weather

If sweating is not your thing, do not go to this festival. I had been to Primavera Festival in Barcelona literally a few weeks before this and Sziget Festival in Budapest last summer – which both were very cold at night. So I decided to pack leggings and jumpers… wrongo.

However, we were all happy to embrace the moisture by running around in the smallest clothes that we owned by both day and night. But boy was waking up in a pool of sweat not a pretty look. I also can’t imagine what it would be like trying to cosy up to a your lover in that sweat…

Don’t know who you are but thanks for the support during Foals @ #Benicassim #HowYouSaySweaty ?

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Pro: The Glamping

It was my first time glamping and I was really delighted with the experience. I have spent more than enough time at festivals drunkenly pitching tents, being freezing at night/ roasting by day, cramming in everyone’s stuff & being able to find nothing.

But at FIB, we strolled up to the check in, got brought to our huge bell tent, which had 4 blow up beds with pillows, sheets & a light duvet, a little table in the middle, a bin, a lamp and a lock all included. We could stand up, had lots of space for all of our cases and clothes, we were able to host little sessions and enjoyed the company of our fellow glampers.

Con: The Actual Layout of the Festival

All of us and many other folks that we met, thought that the beach was actually at the festival. The layout online is a bit deceiving, as it was a 45m/ 1h walk to the beach or a 10 minute bus ride. I’m not complaining really, because it wasn’t a bother getting the bus (until the festival started… which then created a lot of queues for the bus).

Con: Not Meeting Anyone from Outside Ireland / Britain

If meeting people of new cultures or nationalities is a big part of your reason for travelling, it’s good to know that FIB Festival is 98% Irish & British. Besides from 1 person from New Zealand and 1 very small group of annoying chanting Spanish people – everyone I spoke to was from Mayo or Manchester.

Although, I did have a lot of fun with all the people we met from home & the UK, so I’m not complaining – I just like meeting people from places like France so I can pretend I remember how to speak French 🙂

Pro: Having the Best Time Ever

The moment I got there, I was a very happy lady. I was with wonderful friends, the sunshine was perfect, the acts were out of this world and I was delighted that the food and drink outside of the festival was really cheap.

Plus, I didn’t get robbed like I did at Primavera and I didn’t get fed up at any stage… except after waking up because I can never handle mornings/ naps without being sassy… sorry to my fwends about that. As you can see, my FIB Festival Benicassim review was full of joy and I would highly recommend to anyone in the 18-21 age category.  

Everything you could possibly need to know about bringing cash and how much it will all cost you (right down to the last cent) is in a Cost of Beni Guide here 😀