If you are in the online business world and haven’t heard of Google’s Digital Garage, you need to stop what you’re doing and take a look. This training portal is the answer to a digital marketeer’s prayers: Accessible at any time, easy to use and it’s free for all. Need I go on? Well, I will anyway, just in case you’re not sold yet.

When you land on the homepage, an array of content unfolds before your eyes and you will see all of the buzzwords that you have been hearing in those strategy meetings, that seem to go right over your head. Analysing the metrics? Long-tail keywords? No idea what’s going on? The Digital Garage has got you covered.

Topics from ‘connecting with customers on mobile‘ to understanding coding, and even more simple areas like landing your next job – it’s all here! As you can see from the screengrab of my homepage below, I’ve been getting busy with a lot of the modules and I have to say that it’s been a really fantastic way to brush up on my digital knowledge. Learning is fun kids.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

I have completed a lot of modules in the various areas, but the most impressive topic has got to be the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, which is broken into 26 modules, as you can see below. The number at the end indicates how many modules are found in each topic.

  • Take a business online (4)
  • Make it easy for people to find a business on the web (5)
  • Reach more people locally, on social media or on mobile (7)
  • Reach more customers with advertising (4)
  • Track and measure web traffic (3)
  • Sell products or services online (2)
  • Take a business global (1)

Below is an example of the video content that accompanies the lessons (as well as a written script if that’s your way of learning!). These are broken down into interesting and digestible facts – something that Barker, Barker, Bormann, Zahay & Roberts (2017) mention as an important factor when communicating information online.

It is predicted that globally by 2020, video traffic will be 82% of consumer Internet traffic and 73% of business Internet traffic (Cisco, 2017).  That’s a lot of video content! This is important to keep in mind when planning the future of your marketing campaigns. If anyone knows that video is on the rise, it’s Google! Check out how they work video into their Garage lessons below. 

After spending over five hours on the Digital Garage portal, I was able to confidently choose my favourite features, which are explained next. 

My Digital Garage Experience Highlights

What I love about the training platform is that it indicates how much time it would take you to complete a module. If something is slow paced and not hugely interesting, my attention span can sometimes be limited – which is something Worley (2011) predicted as a problem for Gen Y & Zs who would grow up learning through technology. For people like myself who are used to consuming information rapidly and therefore can bore easily, these Digital Garage timings are a real motivator. One can see that in 30 minutes, you can have a basic understanding of a topic that you never thought you could comprehend before.

• Speaking of learning something new, in the social media modules I learned that you can target people with your ads based on their Facebook relationship status. Despite that being a terrifying feature, it is also extremely interesting. This is just one example of the numerous little tips I have picked up along the way. 

• Although I have been managing social media business profiles for a few years, I was not aware of how much can be done behind the scenes. The modules that I have completed are now topics that I can proudly say that I understand when talking to future employers or clients.

• Finally, I love that you get a chance to be tested after every module. Yes, I am in that minuscule percentage of strange folks who actually enjoy tasks such as quizzes, surveys and interviews. So for me, getting to the ‘test your knowledge’ and final quiz on Digital Garage is definitely the best part.

Overall, I’ve just loved exploring the different areas of the Fundamentals of Marketing course and expanding my know-how about the big bad world that we call the internet – thank you Google!

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