September 8th update: Tickets sold out in about a half hour apparently! Does anyone else think EP have become very sneaky/ money hungry in the past few years? Lots of annoyed people online…

If you have any interest in the Electric Picnic loyalty offer scheme, you will probably have been scrambling around online trying to find out where to apply. 

In previous years, the Electric Picnic loyalty offer was simply availed of by emailing the Festival Republic ticket address or going to a Ticketmaster booth with proof of attendance. Today, after emailing the regular address and getting an automatic reply from 2017 – I knew that more effort needed to be put in. 

If you don’t know about the Electric Picnic loyalty offer, below is what they outline on their website. 

Electric Picnic Loyalty Offer - Bekah Molony

The first step apparently, is having a Ticketmaster alert set up, to register interest in the Electric Picnic loyalty offer. If you have previously bought more than 1 EP ticket on the website, it would seem that they automatically send out a discount code. But if you have gotten them from someone else or bought in person, you will have to convince them that you have been by sending photos, wristbands, ticket stubs or social media posts etc. 

For the best chance of getting the Electric Picnic loyalty offer code, screenshot some social media posts of you there (looking noticeably different) and any other proof you can give. I did this for all 5 years I was there and put it in one easy PDF for them to read and this is what one bit of it looked like (and yes I only showed this side as the other side contained embarrassing outfits circa 2013):

Make their lives a bit easier by getting creative and putting all your screenshots/ pictures to, in a clearly laid out PowerPoint (and then save as a PDF) or in a Canva collage. NOW, I can’t for sure confirm if this is the right email, but I got a code so it may work for you too. When you get your code you are good to go! 

Log on to the EP section of Ticketmaster between Friday September 7th and the end of October, to enter your code and get your tickets. You must be signed in! If I were you, I would try snapping up the Electric Picnic loyalty offer as soon as possible, as in 2017 they sold out in under 2 weeks. If you do miss out, the presale tickets which are only €205 will be available for longer. 

Don’t forget that bringing those documents into a Ticketmaster counter is also all good for getting the Electric Picnic loyalty offer. Old school man. 

Best of luck! 

Above photos by: Conal McSweeney and Anna Kerslake