Ahead of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi film, Tourism Ireland is celebrating the film’s release with the first tourism campaign in space.Yesterday, a billboard attached to a huge weather balloon, was released onwards and upwards into the sky, reaching a peak altitude of 33,390m – which to help imagine how high that is, it’s about 75 Empire State Buildings stacked up or 110 Eiffel Towers!

The idea of this billboard in space, is to of course advertise Ireland to whoever may be passing by in space, including Jedi and other intergalactic members of society. Tourism Ireland is hoping that they can gain some interest in “Earth’s Wild Atlantic Way” to the newly identified market, which is those in outer space (cute).

I have yet to see the last film (shameful), but it is no secret that Ireland’s Skellig Michael featured in the final moments of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where Rey finds Luke Skywalker at the island’s summit. Since then, Skellig Michael has been given a lot of coverage. Those jagged rocks, stunning ocean views and that trademark greenery have been seen by millions since the last film, which is fantastic for Ireland.

Ireland Launches first Billboard into Space to Celebrate the new Star Wars Film - Bekah Molony - alittlebitofb.com

If you are not familiar with the Wild Atlantic Way it is the longest defined coastal route in the world at 2,500km in length. Yes, our little country is home to the ‘longest something’ in the world, which I still think is kind of insane. It starts from the very tip of Derry, passing over to Donegal, down to Leitrim, Sligo, a lotta lotta Mayo, through the beautiful Galway, of course Clare and it’s Cliffs of Moher, into a piece of Limerick, Kerry being one of the counties frequently in the spotlight thanks to the Skelligs and finally south-west Cork. That was tiring… but you can see how it’s the world’s longest route now!

If Star Wars absolutely does it for you, you can read more about the behind the scenes action along the Wild Atlantic Way here at ireland.com/starwars

If you just want to wait and see it, in all its glory on the big screen, here are the release dates:

Wednesday December 13th – Belgium, Netherlands & Nordics

Thursday December 14th – Ireland, UK & South America

Friday December 15th – USA