Marriage Equality for some reason does not exist in our country. On May 22nd, 2015 – Ireland will be asked if they agree that:

‘Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex’.

Basically, if you are registered to vote, you can vote yes or no for marriage equality in Ireland. My question is: Why on earth would you vote no?

As said:

It makes no sense to exclude loving couples already doing the work of marriage in their daily lives – supporting one another, raising families, etc – from the legal structure intended to reinforce that dedication, those meanings, and – at its heart – commitment and love.

My best friend since I was 11, often expresses how hard it is being gay. Especially in relation to simple things like getting married and having kids. In theory, and of course not every one, but for most straight couples, having children is simple. For gay couples, and particularly men, the process of having a family is a long and strenuous affair. Adoption, surrogacy, and for women: IVF courses. While this may be the path for a lot of straight couples, the LBGT community have no other choice. 

Similarly, no hetro-sexual couple has to worry about getting married. It’s easy, fully legal, they don’t have to think twice and they can wed where they please. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender couples are limited to their choices and it can be a longer process, and in some cases hard to find without judgement.

We are not living in prehistoric times. Why are humans being treated like this in a developed, first world country such as Ireland? Shamefully our government has been slow in recognising and awarding basic human rights to people like the LGBT and the pro choice community. Topics that are personal life matters and choices are in the hands of outdated scriptures and laws, and only recently are they being brought to light. Yet the government were quick enough when it came to draining our banks dry of money and putting our whole country into recession. It has been clear the priorities of our leaders, so it’s about time we see change for the good.

The homophobic remainder of the country also need to start rethinking things. If it’s about the Bible then what ever happened to ‘God loves all his children’? What about his fabulous gay children? Does he not love them, or do you not love them? People who use the Bible or God as their excuse need to take a step back. Ever heard ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’? They must if they’re so ‘dedicated’ to the big book. I’d love to know if these people who regard being gay as a ‘sin’ have never had sex before marriage, never cheated, lied or stolen. There’s bad people out there, there’s bullies and hypocrites, but others do not need to be affected by unjust opinions.

The opinion that two people of the same sex shouldn’t be together is just idiotic, and actually infuriating. If the tables had turned and straight couples could not get married, there would be chaos. It would seem unjust, wouldn’t it? It would seem unfair and completely unnecessary to say the least, right? So why is it not the same for other types of couples? Who cares if they both have a set of ovaries? Who’s business is it to deem whether or not two consensual, madly in love adults should have the right to marry? No one, that’s who! And the argument that “People have the right to an opinion”… Let me just say that negative thoughts should be kept to your own tiny little brain. Personal opinions have no place buried within laws that effect people’s basic rights and happiness. And If you ask me, I think those opinions need to be shoved elsewhere!

I will be voting a big fat YES, will you?

For more information go to: The Irish Marriage Equality Website