I just returned from a mini trip to Amsterdam, where I met up with some of my lovely friends. Last year I lived and worked in the city, but had to return to Dublin for my final year of college. I was starting to miss the place and the people, so we organised a mini trip to Amsterdam to reunite. It was a short but sweet holiday, so I decided to share a small travel diary.


I landed to begin my mini trip to Amsterdam, at around 6pm. I found my way to my friend’s apartment in de Pijp, which was amazing!

We wasted no time and headed straight out for dinner. Because I didn’t have a bike yet, Eloise gave me a lift on the back of hers… which was extremely painful but also extremely funny. We survived and made it to Van ‘t Spit (same vibes as Crackbird in Dublin, for those who know it). Had a great catch up, lovely chicken and then I got her bed to myself as she was with lover boy.


Kicked off my Friday with a lovely sleep in. Walked to the nearest bike rental, and I absolutely had to get myself a classic Dutch bike for my mini trip to Amsterdam.

Cycled through Vondelpark, took my old route to work and enjoyed the sunshine. My favourite thing used to be just cycling around, listening to great music… so I was in my element.

That night, I met up with Mia (the gorgeous Norwegian who features very often on my Snapchat). We went to a house party with people from our old work and ended the night with a Wok to Walk (essentials in Holland).


Slow start to the day, but eventually made our way to Vondelpark to meet another friend. On the way my cardigan got so badly caught in my wheel while cycling, that I almost caused a major collision… which was not fun. Nonetheless we united with another friend For a great catch up over coffee.

During a very random monsoon like weather change, we cycled to dinner… resulting in being 800% saturated. We had a great meal in D&A Hummus, a place that I had heard so much about, but never got to try! Followed by drinks in De Blaffande Vis right next door, who had great music. We shared stories and listened to Beyoncé, A Tribe Called Quest, Prince and other great music which was a great end to the night. I definitely would recommend this place if you’re in the area!


Although a little bit hungover… no mini trip to Amsterdam would have been complete without brunch! So, I tried somewhere I had never been, called ‘The Breakfast Club‘. It had a super menu that stole my heart right away and it did not disappoint in person. I had the special, which was ‘Banana bread French toast, with bacon, peanut butter and caramelised banana’! Yes, it was as intense as it sounds!

The rest of the day was spent shopping, enjoying the sunshine after a crazy morning of torrential rain and having coffee at a canal side cafe.

Saying goodbye was sad, but we all know we’ll meet again soon… so it wasn’t too bad. I was having a bad week before I left, but being back in the city and seeing my friends was the perfect remedy! Until next time ?

Last day + #brunch wiv my friends ?at the #BreakfastClub ??

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