Mook Pancakes Amsterdam was a joyful little place to have brunch. It is in a handy location, just outside the city towards the West with the tram stopping right outside the door. I had enquired the day before our brunch about making a booking which they told me they don’t take bookings between 11am and 5pm (or something similar to those times). I mentioned that a group of us wanted to go in for brunch but they apparently don’t take groups – so keep this in mind if you are more than 4. Although, when we were eating we did see a group of six who were sat at a few two tops pushed together. Maybe they got lucky or they didn’t like the look of me – not sure what happened but I wouldn’t bank on this place for a group ordeal.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon at around 12:30 and there was a waiting list of around 15-25 minutes. We didn’t mind because we really wanted to try it out, but again if you can’t make a booking and you can’t wait (and you’re in a group!) – maybe have a gander at some other places. However, if you are having a slow/ hungover Sunday with your best mate and are in search of the best pancakes in Amsterdam – you may want to pop in here to have a little look at what’s going on.

The Food

Despite the name ‘Mook Pancakes Amsterdam’, these people also have a little something extra on the menu besides from le pancake. As we were waiting waiting, I was very intrigued by the starters. Me and Inez just had to sample these avocado delights – and boy were we glad that we did! The first two were a no brainer, Smoked salmon, creme fraiche and dill followed by the Goat cheese, dates, walnuts and honey one. Absolutely yummy, I would definitely return just for some of these little beauties. We kept wondering how they could get the avocados so so perfect! Usually with the little feckers – they are too hard to eat and then they turn to mush, but Mook hit the nail on the head with these ones. I could have eaten six more, but then again I wouldn’t have been able to finish the mass amount of pancakes that was about to follow.

Mook Pancakes Amsterdam - Bekah Molony - Irish Blogger

The pancakes were amazing! We all went for the ‘Blue Magic’ one with blueberries, maple syrup and grated coconut. The lady did a good job upselling as we all went for the optional extra fruit that she described to be oh-so essential. It was so worth it though to have the strawberries and bananas mixed in with the blueberries. So yummy! There was a lot of different pancake combos to choose from and I left the menu below so you can see the amazing ‘Mancake’ that I almost ordered. Bacon, cheddar cheese, onions and maple syrup all piled onto some fluffy pancakes? We saw for ourselves how tasty it looked, and if you are feeling hungry – I would recommend getting your hands on one of these bad boys. During our brunch, I saw a keen fellow tucking into one of them and he had the biggest smile on his face – I don’t blame him!

If you are wondering what those pretty little red drinks are, they are two kinds of melon mixtures. The flutes are their ‘Mimosa Cava Cocktails’ both melon flavour, and the normal glass is the ‘Slow Juice’ in yes, you guessed it – melon. It was my first time having a melon based mimosa and I actually thought it was ten times nicer than the normal orange juice ones!

Mook Pancakes Amsterdam - Bekah Molony - Irish Blogger

Overall Impression of Mook Pancakes Amsterdam

‘Pancakes Amsterdam’ seems to be a popular combination of words, and you’ll know what I’m talking about when you get on over here. Crepes, proffertjes (or little puffy Dutch pancakes) etc. etc. are literally on every corner. Although I could not yet decide who has the best pancakes in Amsterdam, as I have tried only a few… this place could be on the list.

The service was ok. The hostess was a little bit on edge. I have been a hostess and yes it’s stressful but you know, customers notice these things. She took our order and didn’t write it down for whatever reason, which we could only assume would mean she would forget something. And sure as eggs – the request was forgotten. But another friendly member of staff rectified the situation by almost instantly bringing a new set of pancakes for my friend. They did forget the coconut the second time round, but she was hungry – so we were happy to just to start enjoying the pancakes instead of making more of a fuss. The same woman also came round and asked us if we needed anything in a very can-you-please-leave way, which is never fun. But hey, I’m aware that this is the nature of brunch so we weren’t irritated or anything. I just want to be honest about everything that we experienced while eating here, as I’ve been to better places and far worse too.

Besides from this, there was a lovely quiet waitress who kept our water topped up and cleared our table, leaving us room to relax after a great brunch.

They had such a lovely space which was clean, open and bright. As you walk in, you can see all the fresh fruit and vegetables lined around the bar/ till area. Down the back they have a big stretch of tables which were all lit by natural roof lighting. They had lots of wooden textures among the furniture as well as plenty of plants which was a really nice vibe. I felt like I was taken away from the urban surroundings that we were in – if that makes any sense? One really cool thing about this place is that there was very G tunes playing right behind us. We heard Destiny’s Child, Tupac and all sorts of other RnB classics which was a fun addition to the whole experience.

They don’t have a website (which is odd) but they do have a Mook Pancakes Amsterdam Facebook. As always, here is the location. Let me know if you think they deserve to be on the list for best pancakes in Amsterdam!

If Mook Pancakes Amsterdam doesn’t float your boat and you are looking for another brunch option, check out my review of CAU Restaurant which was also amazing!