Everybody has their own travel rules. Some like to get to the airport 3 hours early, others like me think an hour is fine. Some pay for priority boarding just to queue with everyone else on the tarmac… I personally don’t and won’t ever see the desire of getting on a plane first. For me, there’s a few important things about travelling that make my trip far more enjoyable and stress free, which are the following.

9. Booking flights directly through the airline

Or at least research the company you are booking with! I find 3rd party providers a scary thing online with too many scam stories for my liking. I wrote before about my experience with Kiwi.com, these kinda sites are a gamble… but you can decide for yourself if the savings are worth it. Always search around on the likes of Skyscanner (get the app here!) to see your route options, best times to fly and price ranges.

8. Tell your bank where and when you are going away

Im not sure of other banks, but with Permanent TSB you can note your trip on their online banking system. The team will know not to block your card if you all of a sudden are trying to take out cash in South America – which would not be too fun on your holibops*. 

* As a general rule, never use the word ‘Holibops’ unless you are absolutely 100% joking. 

7. Do your research 

You may think ‘common sense’ rather than travel rules, but believe me I’ve met plenty of people who didn’t even know the currency of the country I met them in. I’m all for getting lost and wandering around new places… but there’s a big difference between exploring with some insight and anxiously trying to navigate through an unfamiliar place. Finding out about local tips or even common scams before you get there can save you a lot of time and money (hello Cuban milk-lady scams).

6. Ask myself: Do I really need check in luggage? 

In the past year I’ve been on a hella lotta flights and for only one flight I checked in some luggage. This was moving from Dublin to Brussels which I think is a fair reason? You’d be surprised how little a person really needs when they travel. I’ve mastered packing everything into a carry on which saves money and minuses the risk of lost baggage from the complicated equation of travel. 

5. Drop pins on Google Maps before you go

I like to drop pins before I leave, such as where I’m staying and a couple of places of interest. Unless you’re going to depths of nowhere, you will probably have WiFi in your accommodation, this is true. But I rather not waste time looking up places inside my room, when I could already be out there checking the place out. 

4. Don’t turn on mobile data outside of your network’s limits 

You’re never too experienced to learn some new travel rules. Only a few months ago I was taught a horrible lesson in Geneva forgetting that it was not in the EU. Oh sure it’s only 5 mins, it will be grand… It certainly was a grand price I paid… a lovely €28. 

– Side note: if you’re with 3 in Ireland you get up to 6GB of data in the EU which is more than plenty (yay) 

3. Bring warm clothes for the airport 

I feel like a broken record mentioning this on all my travel related posts. Yet, whenever I go away, there’s always plenty of people shivering on airplanes in their summer dresses. Big scarf for me always, thanks very much. 

2. Second, third and fourth guess yourself when it comes to departure times and gates 

You may think you’ve memorised for sure when your plane or train is, but even the ‘seasoned travellers’ as my dad would call it, can get it mixed up. Download the necessary apps and check and check again leading up to the trip. Same goes for gates, keep checking the actual screens in the airport, not your phone. 

1. Bring some food/ reusable water bottles if you can 

It’s no secret that airports charge extortionate prices, so bringing something for the journey is number one on my travel rules. The worst I’ve seen was coming across a $16 wrap in Toronto International (YYZ)… not pretty. 

Most airports have drinking water fountains or a quick Google will let you know if tap water is safe. If you know me, you will know that reusing water bottles is one of my day to day essentials, so the same goes for travelling.

So there’s my travel rules, if you have other essential tips, let me know and here’s something for your travel Pinterest Board! 

My Top 9 Travel Rules-Bekah Molony- a little bit of b

*This post contains an affiliate link for Skyscanner. This in no way impacts the price for you, it just means I will get a tiny reward if you click on the link and end up booking your flights via me, woohoo win-win!