Two years ago I made a short film for the Fresh Film Festival young film makers competition in Ireland. It ended up winning 3 awards which was such a fantastic feeling! From this I was invited to attend a workshop in RTE, where we were asked to be a part of a project. The series is called ‘Kids Speak’ where 30 or 60 second short films about children pop up before and after shows on RTÉ/ RTÉ2/ RTÉ JR during the day. Our brief was basically to ‘make kids speak’ and to capture children talking about anything and if it fit the series it would be broadcasted.
Fionn (7) Bonnie (10) What Makes Kids Happy? For RTE by Bekah Molony
 What Makes Kids Happy?

After a couple of months of shooting, editing and waiting to hear from RTE, my short film along with a few others were broadcasted on June 16th 2015. It was a really strange but also an amazing feeling to see my work come up on national television. They had chosen the longer of the two (I had preferred the shorter one, but it’s all the same!) which was 60 seconds of very cute kids, talking about parties, their mammies and their friends.

The piece is called ‘What Makes Kids Happy?’ and we see a different range of answers from different aged children about what happiness means to kids. Starting from the eldest of 12 years all the way down to a baby of a few weeks, their funny and simple answers are such a lovely reminder of how good life can be from a child’s point of view.

These are all of the lovely children that I worked with who starred on RTE in the series:
Kate Kennedy (12), Rosa Maher (11), Emma Hopkins (8),John Molony (7), Bonnie Molony (5), Russel Bridgeman (5), Luiseach McCallum (5), Toby Molony (3), Fionn De Vries (2), Callum Edwards (1 month)