This day last year marks my moment of Beyoncé fame! Just before the Queen made her way to Dublin on July 9th, an article was posted on the website about the woman herself. Although I didn’t agree with the opening statement that ‘Beyoncé’s crown has been slipping lately’, I was delighted to be a part of the fan piece. 

You can read the full article on the website here, but here is my moment of Beyoncé fame…

I think labelling myself as a ‘fan’ of Beyoncé is the wrong term. I am someone who admires her so much that I weep at the thought of seeing her live or hearing her voice in between her songs. Many of my good friends call me Bey/B/Queen B – which I know is blasphemy, but I never asked anyone to do it. I think it’s just that my obsession and my devotion lead to me being associated with Beyoncé, so now Bekah and Beyoncé go hand in hand and I am definitely okay with that.

I have seen Bey in concert eight times and I was lucky enough to meet her when she was in Destiny’s Child, thanks to my mam. She was working with Sony at the time and somehow the world blessed me with the opportunity to discover Destiny’s Child, see them live three times, meet them in person and that’s when my relationship with Beyoncé started.

Since announcing her ‘Formation’ tour, I have been doing the most challenging task of avoiding any giveaway about the concert. This morning I was genuinely tearing up listening to my favourite song on the new album, ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’, because it hit me that I will be seeing her again after two years of waiting. As you can imagine, the day the tickets were released I had several tabs open to secure my ticket, and I will be there in the Golden Circle bawling my eyes out before, during and after the gig – and I’d like to see Croke Park stopping me from queuing. I am flying home from Amsterdam just to see her, so I will be there as early as I like. I have these dreams of following her on tour around Europe, but because I’m a broke student, I could only go to one more place, so at the end of July I’m taking a bus to Brussels and she will be seeing my face in the crowd again, and I just know she will recognise me… maybe.

In case you’re wondering, yes the Formation World Tour was amazing and I don’t know if she recognised me, but she certainly saw me! You can read more about this, here in my 2016 Highlights post.