I think at some point, everyone has probably thought about making a bucket list. Whether it’s ‘Things to Do Before I Die’ or ‘Countries & Cities I Have to Visit’, I could bet a lot of money that there are many ambitious people out there, and I am included in that long list. Of course my main goal is to travel most of the planet that I can, but I also have another type of travel bucket list. 

This one though, has no set of rules and regulations and is definitely only feasible if money was not an object. Some of the items on the list are achievable, and infact some of them are things that I plan to do in the next year, if I can. However, yes I will admit that the other dreamy situations (a lot of interaction with animals is included) will probably be left to the professional globetrotters. A girl can dream.

I used to make summer bucket lists with my friends in school, which contained the likes of ‘go skinny dipping’, ‘stay up all night’ and ‘get the train to Waterford for the day’. This isn’t one of those.

My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

1. Eat some Fried Chicken & Waffles for Breakfast – in a disgustingly fab diner

Fried Chicken & Waffles - Travelbucketlist

2. Feed and Clean some Happy Elephants in Thailand

3. Attend a Music Festival somewhere that is actually Hot! – also prepared to be sweaty

4. Experience Spring Break with a lovely set of humans

5. Visit the Great Barrier Reef and go Snorkelling

Queensland Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef - Travel Bucketlist

6. Dine in a Revolving Restaurant 

7. Go to the Aran Islands for an Adventure (and try to remember how to speak Irish!)

8. Interrail Across Europe

9. Attend an American Festival like Burning Man or Coachella

Coachella Travel Bucketlist

10. Go Skydiving Somewhere

11. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge

12. Celebrate Gay Pride in Another Country – or several

13. Eat as many Dumplings as Possible in China

Chinese Dumplings - Travel Bucketlist

14. Live in a Treehouse for a Few Days 

15. See New York in the Snow – and the big Christmas tree from Elf the movie 🙂 

16. Visit Fota Wildlife Park in Cork (how have I not done that?)

17. Visit the Greek Island of Santorini – said everyone ever

Santorini Travel Bucketlist

18. Go to a lit Mardi Gras Parade somewhere in South America

19. Rent a Canal Boat in Amsterdam

20. See an Aurora Borealis Happen – preferably in Norway, on a mountain

21. Visit (happy!) Wild Animals on a Safari in Africa and see Tanzania

22. Be on a Bahamas Beach with some Pigs – this is the main one for me

boi-exuma-bahamas-swimming-pigs - Travel Bucketlist

23. Try Insect Snacks in Asia

24. See the Famous Venice Canals – and actually all of Italy in general

25. Pretty Much See & Do everything that Australia has to offer

26. Relax in the Icelandic Hot Springs – even though I’m aware it’s about 2 grand

Iceland_Blue_Lagoon Travel Bucket list

27. American Road Trip – has to involve motels and camping and bears

28. Backpack through South America and live on a farm for a bit

29. Properly Visit a Jungle and get in there with nature – somehow hoping to avoid mozzies though

30. See a Real Haka Performance in New Zealand – these things make me cry

31. Attend a Hot Air Balloon Festival – most likely wouldn’t get in one though…

hot-air-balloon-rides Travel Bucket list