It is very exciting to write that the National Gallery of Ireland reopening is happening very soon. If you are a fan of the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, you will be familiar with the gallery.

Only last week, I watched the fabulous episode where Gareth Reid (2017 winner) won the opportunity to paint none other than Graham Norton. Not only this, but the Irish artist’s work landed a permanent place in the National Gallery of Ireland! How cool? Great moment for the Irish all round.

Now, back to the National Gallery of Ireland reopening… after six years of refurbishment, the gallery will reopen in all its glory to the public on Thursday the 15th of June. Whether you are a local or a visitor, this cannot be missed as it is set to be a beautiful site to see.

As well as many exciting exhibitions popping up throughout the year, the actual relaunch will be an exciting event. I have the inside scoop that very cool happenings will be taking place to celebrate the National Gallery of Ireland reopening so stay tuned…

Beyond Caravaggio | 11th February – 14th May 2017

On another note, while the National Gallery of Ireland reopening has not yet come around, they have an amazing exhibition on at the moment. Beyond Caravaggio is a combination of work from the artist himself as well as a wide variety of artists who were inspired by the Italian legend. Many of the pieces that are being displayed in this collection are on loan from other galleries or private collectors, meaning that it is a unique exhibit and not to be missed for anyone who appreciates fab art!

Tickets for this are available online here, and booking in advance is highly recommended. I know a lot of people think that galleries are expensive or closed too early, but this exhibit is neither. Adult price €15 (on Tuesdays €10), Student price €5, Thursdays (5pm-8.30pm) €5… so now!

And a big shoutout to my mammy, who created this amazing campaign for the Caravaggio exhibition. I have seen it on so many buses and all over the web, so cool! The original shade throwers right here! #ArtShade !