The Butcher Amsterdam is no secret, in fact he’s pretty much an international citizen at this stage. If Amsterdam is your home, you will have heard of this guy and all that he has to offer. In 2012 we saw the amazing store open, closely followed by The Butcher Amsterdam West and of course The Butcher Amsterdam on Wheels food truck took off on their adventure too. Seen at the Amsterdam Kookt Food Festival and at many other Amsterdam Food Events this year including the Food Festival Amsterdam 2016 – The Butcher gets around easily.

Of course, it’s not hard to see why people love him so much. And it’s not just here in the Netherlands that you can get a taste of this goodness, very soon The Butcher Berlin, The Butcher Ibiza and The Butcher Milan will be popping up. This is great news for travellers who like having somewhere familiar to go, when they are hungry abroad. But the homebirds have something to look forward to as well. In August 2016, The Butcher will be taking over the 9 Streets, also known as the ‘Negen Straatjes’.

What to expect at the newest installment of The Butcher Amsterdam

So what kind of goods can you get? Well, I’ve left the Albert Cuyp menu below – and as you can see, everything is mouth-wateringly-good. My favourite is THE DADDY which is 250g of prime Aberdeen angus beef topped with melted Edam cheese, streaky bacon, BBQ sauce & grilled onion. That is some serious food porn, right there. Another tasty looking one is THE BENEDICT with some prime Aberdeen Angus beef, ham, fried egg, lettuce, tomato & hollandaise sauce (minus the tomato please). The best part about these burgers are that even though they are quality, premium products – they won’t cost you an arm and leg. I hate going for burgers that are stupid prices and then don’t even taste that good. I also love their choice of sides. You can get fries, popcorn chicken or raw salad – all of which I would be ordering alongside my burger thanks.

The Butcher Amsterdam Opening August 2016 | Bekah Molony

The Butcher Nine Streets will be decorated with white tiles, the famous cow in the window, vintage photos and illustrations and an open kitchen. Just like the other locations, The Butcher likes to show off what’s going on in the kitchen – there’s no secrets here. The newest and funkiest addition to The Butcher Amsterdam experience will be the terrace. Enjoy a delicious brunch and signature milkshake outside on a sunny day, or enjoy the sun set over the city with a juicy burger and hipster beer to end the evening. Sound good?

The opening for this fab place will be on August 10th. When the exact location is revealed, I will add the map as per usual down below. Cheers to Typhoon Hospitality for the heads up on this tasty opening.