I have been to this lovely restaurant for lunch in Dun Laoghaire twice now. The first time that I came was to treat my mother on Mother’s Day in 2015. And the second time I was there was with my friends for our annual Kris Kindle gathering. Both times were very enjoyable and I obviously returned for good reasons.

The Food

The food at Oliveto is predominantly Italian with a lot of classics such as pizzas, pasta dishes and risotto on the menu. However there is also a hint of home Irish cooking with Hot Pots and Braised Beef on offer. Of course they have vegetarian options and it would be fair to say that there is pretty much something for everyone, so picky people (and babógs) will be happy.

Both times that I came here, there was a set menu. I have showed it below, and as you can see – there is loads to choose from. 2 courses for €24.50 is a pretty OK price, considering the quality of the food and also the type of restaurant that Oliveto is. However, it’s not the most student-friendly price that I have come across in my time. However, much to everyone’s delight when we visited, we saw that there was a ‘Value Lunch’ option too, which was a definitely a steal. It had lots of yummy items to choose from which was great because sometimes the ‘value’ menus can be the more basic selection of dishes from a menu.

Oliveto - Lunch in Dun Laoghaire

Both of the times that I was here I ordered the Prawn Linguine because as you can imagine from the description, it was very tasty. I was pretty much sold after reading ‘Pan-fried prawns with white wine and garlic’. Actually, a few of us went for this option and it was very satisfying. Although I did feel bad for eating that much pasta (as I try my absolute best-est not to eat gluten), I still managed to finish every bit of it. Another item which was ordered was the Warm Chicken Salad, which was standard but suited the ladies who ordered it. However, the star of the show was definitely our side order for the table of Rosemary Salted Fries.

For drinks, we all had different choices. They have a really nice range of wines to suit everyone, and the first on the red list was Montepulciano, which was perfect for me so that was all that I had. The girls went for Prosecco which again, is not a cheap price at €9.50 per glass, but when you can get a good priced meal, it’s not too bad paying for a nice glass of bubbles. The main event for me was the cocktails which really was a perfect end to our gathering for lunch in Dun Laoghaire. I had an Espresso Martini (my fave) which was probably the highlight of our lovely meal as we all exchanged our presents.

Oliveto - Lunch in Dun Laoghaire - Bekah Molony - Irish Blogger


Overview of the Restaurant

The service here was great. There was a very calm atmosphere in the dining room which was a really nice change from the extremely fast-paced place that I work in and usually find myself eating in. Despite being Christmas season while I was there with my friends, and being Mother’s Day when there with the mother, it was still all very calm. Particularly when I was there in December, I really appreciated not being rushed out the door. We enjoyed our meal and then also talked over cocktails until we were ready to leave. I can understand when people need to turn tables, especially larger groups – but these guys let us stay and chat into the early evening. So top marks for service and also ambience.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful location that over looks Dun Laoghaire harbour. If you haven’t been to this part town, it’s definitely worth a Dart trip to see a little coastal Ireland. Coming here would be a perfect start or end to a day out in Dun Laoghaire accompanied by a pier walk and Teddy’s Ice Cream just down the road. Which – by the way, is an absolute must if you are in the area!

Although it is a lovely location, it’s proven to be a bit tricky to find, as most of my friends got completely lost trying to locate this hidden little building. Parking is also not too easy to find, and that goes for the rest of Dun Laoghaire too. So with that in mind, I would suggest giving yourself plenty of time to find the address and to find parking well before your reservation time.

On another note, I know that Oliveto is not only available for just dinner or lunch in Dun Laoghaire. It is also available for large parties, weddings and other events. The location and service at this restaurant is really great, so I can only imagine that hosting an event here would be quite special.