If you are looking for quaint little cafes in Dublin to go for a treat or two, Queen of Tarts is the perfect place. The other day, I popped in here in search of something sweet. I had actually never heard of this little place until we were near by and Martin suggested that we go in. What we discovered was a tiny little café, buzzing with ladies chatting and tourists taking photos of their pastries and then digging in. I was taking photos too, how could you not? Everything in Queen of Tarts was so dainty and charming, from the cakes on display to the shelves filled with nicknacks and even teapots for sale.

Queen of Tarts

I eventually decided what I wanted from the massive selection of both sweet and savoury treats. I went for the Chocolate Chip Baileys Cheesecake… I know. It was even more intense than it sounds. It was rich, creamy and simply delicious. I had much welcomed help from my accomplice, there was no way I could finish it by myself. All with a cup of tea, it can’t be beaten.

Cafes in Dublin - Queen of Tarts by Bekah Molony, Irish Blogger

I don’t usually seek out cafes in Dublin, but this was a lovely little find on a wander around town. I will be back to try some more!

Queen of Tarts is located on Cows Lane, Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.