I had the joy of going to a family wedding in Rotterdam at the start of August. Not only was it my first time in the city, but also my first time away with my man. Very exciting stuff altogether, and it ended up being a lovely couple of days. This is my mini travel diary, and although we didn’t do much it was a really great trip and most definitely one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to… A huge thank you and congrats to Carl & Kim for a fabulous time in Rotterdam!

Thursday – Arriving in Rotterdam


We made our way to the city, greeted by beautiful warm weather and the same gorgeous architecture that I experienced just a week before hand in Amsterdam (you can read all about that trip here). After a long train journey and a short walk, we found our hotel and checked in for the weekend. We stayed in the NH Atlanta Hotel which was in a perfect location, surrounded by restaurants, shops, cafés, bars and most importantly the rest of the family and the wedding venue. After meeting up with everyone and having a bite to eat and some yummy cocktails, we had an early night ahead of the big day to follow.



The wedding was held in the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen which was really spacious and filled with natural light. Although it was in this particular building, it was not a religious ceremony and I thought it was one of the nicest services I had been to. The bride wore a stunning, simple white gown with a gorgeous veil that trailed behind her as she walked.

I started off with a burgundy off the shoulder dress from Miss Guided but it was absolutely scorching hot and I was very uncomfortable in the heat. But luckily I had a few back ups and opted for a a high neck playsuit from Miss Selfridges which was comfortable and served me well later in the night for dancing.

Rotterdam Trip


The afters were on the RSS Rotterdam which was a massive cruise ship that was the closest thing to the Titanic that I’ve ever seen. There was even a pool and multiple bars, lounge areas and bedrooms. We had a delicious meal followed by lots and lots of dancing. Sunset on the deck was definitely one of the highlights, it was very romantic. When the music ended and we were kicked out of the bar we all made our way to Murphy’s Pub which is where the bride and groom had first met years ago on St. Patrick’s day. A few Brandy & Bailey’s later and it was time to sleep before the sun came up.


The celebrations definitely went into early Saturday morning so moving our heads was quite a challenge by the time waking up happened. Luckily we were in holiday mode and had all the time in the world to nap, watch TV that we didn’t understand and stroll around the lovely city when the hangovers started to wear off. We came across a lovely pub style restaurant with outdoor seating in the sunshine and decided to grab bite to eat. They didn’t have an English menu so both went for the same thing only understanding that it was beef. To our pleasant surprise we were served two delicious steaks with chunky chips and the most amazing blue cheese sauce that I never knew existed. All this topped off with a glass of white wine for me and cold beer for himself, the hangovers were well and truly on their way out.

We had planned to do some touristy stuff but it was the first time in a while that we both had nowhere to be, so honestly we just enjoyed doing nothing. Later on in the evening we had some fast food style Asian dishes which the Dutch are very lucky to have dotted around the place almost everywhere, similar to McDonalds. You go in, order your dish and pay for it and wait a few minutes to get it. The only thing was that it wasn’t your typical ‘Chinese takeaway’ that you’d get at home. It was delicious authentic food that we were more than happy to sit outside and eat with our chopsticks. A day well spent!


Sadly our trip ended early Sunday morning as we both had to return to work. But on our last morning there we had some breakfast in a small little café right beside our hotel. Ten to Three Bakery was a really lovely place to be with all the pretty colours and décor. We met my mam and my step-sister Ailbhe for some delicious bagels and coffees before saying goodbye. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the adorable treats on display such as cupcakes, macaroons and big slices of colourful cakes. It was a lovely last morning in Rotterdam.