Sensation White is an event that I always dreamed of going to, but never really thought I would get the chance. Sensation White and Black usually happen in amazing places like India, Poland, Russia which seemed a bit out of reach for a one night event. But living here, means that I am a metro ride away from the Amsterdam ArenA – which is where Sensation White visits every year. Martin and I had been watching promo footage and post-event videos since we first got together, so to say we were excited to finally get the chance to go, is a bit of an understatement.

If you’re not familiar with Sensation White, it is one of the biggest and baddest events in the world. They always have various themes, but is known most famously for the Sensation White event – where guests must be dressed from head to toe in white. If you’ve seen videos of these events, you’ll know how amazing it looks for a crowd of thousands to be perfectly colour coordinated. This year, they changed things up a bit and had Sensation Angels and Demons – where guests were allocated either a black or white dress code to wear on the night. I was slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t see everyone in white, but being there and seeing all of the black vs white was very cool. Martin and I were both allocated black, so we were demons for the night. When we got on the train, it wasn’t hard to tell where everyone was going. I’m sure to randomers and people going to the cinema beside the arena were a bit confused. We were like a huge tribe of coordinated youths and elders, pouring out from the Metro station. There were some serious serious outfits there, it was like the Eurovision or something… If that makes any sense. Lots of high heels and angel wings and what have you. Anyway, we were all very ‘annoyed’ that we were allocated black, until we saw the queue for the angels. My god, I would say they were there for at least 2-3 hours. It stretched from the first entrance all the way to the other side of the bloody venue. We hopped across to entrance B and were inside in a matter of minutes.

To say that I was in complete shock when I saw the inside of the arena, is an understatement. I was not aware that such a production was possible, and I have been to some serious events in my time. Even after almost 4 years now of doing a degree in Event Management, I was not knowledgable that such magic could be made. I was there only a week before hand at the Coldplay gig, and that was an amazing production with lasers, strobe lights, confetti and colourful paper bursting out of canons. But Sensation White was like another planet. Everything was in the middle and high up above, so no matter where you stood, you had a perfect view. It was the most clever set up I’ve ever seen. I understand they are DJs and aren’t necessarily performing, so it’s different than seeing a musician. However, I feel like festivals could start taking a page from Sensation White’s book – it was a phenomenal experience.

We met three very cool people from England, Singapore and Taiwan, who we ended up staying with for the whole thing and even afterwards too. That’s what I love about mega events like these and also being abroad, because you meet the coolest people ever. Another great thing was that the audience was a huge mix of people from all over the world, people and groups of every kind came and everyone was getting along. There were indie kids, blonde bombshells in tiny dresses, older couples having an absolute laugh, there were people raving in wheelchairs, cool looking Indian dudes with flashy watches and blazers and anyone else you could imagine. There was no ‘demographic’ – everyone was there for the music and the vibes were just great.

I have to say, I’m not the biggest ‘dance fan’. As far as dance music in general goes I would prefer house music and the likes of Disclosure, Flume and Annie. But I cannot deny that I was dancing like a lunatic, the music, the lights, the atmosphere – there was no chance you could just away along to these kind of tunes. I was in my element, dancing to songs I did not know whatsoever. David Guetta and Nicky Romero were the only people I knew, and they were great. Nothing to write home about, they are what they are.

It was the two acts at the end, with frightening names who I had never heard of that really got me going. Don Diablo and Yellow Claw were two serious acts, they had people going insane – including me. There was 40,000 people there, absolutely raving nonstop despite the length of time we had been there. At one stage the sun started coming up and the arena was becoming brighter. Usually in those circumstances, people can get a bit awkward. But not at Sensation White. I was happy to see what our new friends actually looked like, but wasn’t exactly delighted to see what I ended up looking like. How never, what good is any event if you come away looking respectable?

Overall, I feel overwhelmed to know that I was actually there and I really did experience Sensation White in the flesh. It was genuinely like being in a spaceship, a dream or perhaps some other form of magic. If I ever get to go again, I will be a lucky person and I cannot recommend this event more.