Welcome to a whole other level of tea and coffee. If you’re the experimental type or a member of the beverage community who likes to order chai green lattes with extra something or other – then read on! This ultimate tea experience is the unique creation by Cafe Couture, promising the finest, most quality cuppa that you can get your hands on. Since 2013, these guys have turned your average cup of tea into an other-worldly ordeal, which is pretty exciting if you ask me.

Where I’m from, it’s either Lyons Tea or Barrys Tea and although it can divide families and friends – it’s pretty much our only option. However, Cafe Couture have got it sussed when it comes to choice – with a whopping 68 leaf blends on offer. Yes, it does sound like some sort of wizardry to someone like me who is a dedicated Lyons Tea fan – but it’s all true.

And no, not just anyone can get their hands on this delicious tea and coffee to sell. Cafe Couture only works with a carefully selected network of people and businesses, from beach bars and popular clubs, to stylists and fashion retailers. What makes them so special is that Cafe Couture gathers ingredients from all over the globe, and puts their magic touch on every single cup, during the recipe and brewing stage. Feeling a bit thirsty? I know I am…

Cafe Couture Amsterdam | Opening News by Bekah Molony

So, what’s on offer in Cafe Couture?

Well, what you will find here – is pretty much anything you could think of. Yes they have all the classics from green tea to earl grey, and all the fancy stuff in between. But what I like the look of is the the cold brews. The Cold Brew Iced Tea, made fresh in store is a great replacement for sugary soft drinks and better than drinking hot tea when the sun is blazing. So, you can choose from five different flavors and they are 100% organic, sugar-free iced tea, with no E additives and an impressive three times more antioxidants than what you would find in your typical green tea. In addition to this, you can even get a Gin & Tonic tea… thing. Not sure how that works, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Two truly unique aspects to Cafe Couture have to be the Detox Teas available in store and the Tea Workshops that they have. First off, the Superfood Tea and the Green Oxi-Goji are filled with brilliant antioxidants to keep your tummy & your system happy. Then there’s the Green Tea Yerba Maté & Spirulina one, which is a slimming tea as well as being an energy booster. And of course the popular 16-day Detox & Balance treatment (which you can also buy online), is supposed to be the ultimate body cleanse and even comes with a cute sports-sipper-shaker thingy. I’m sold on that one for sure, everyone loves a good old detox! Then there’s the workshops that sound like a great daytime activity. Here, you will learn about the innovative cold brews of Cafe Couture at the Iced Tea & Tea Cocktail workshop. Or, if you like to keep things old school, you can go for the Basics of Tea masterclass.

Cafe Couture Amsterdam | Opening News by Bekah Molony

So, unless you’ve been to Antwerp recently, you probably haven’t had the chance to get a taste of this Cafe Couture magic yet. So, I’m pleased to say that June 22nd, 2016 marked the arrival of this unique cafe into Amsterdam. From Tuesday to Saturday, you can head over to Bilderdijkstraat 215, 1053 KT Amsterdam (I’ve left a map below) and see what’s going on.

Big thanks to Typhoon Hospitality for sharing this new opening news with me, I can’t wait to check it out!