Since January, I have been working at the muchos cool company – Travelbird. And they have an amazing opportunity for fellow students which I had to share! The Travelbird Scholarship Programme is allowing one lucky college student to win a €3,000 prize plus an optional paid internship for 3 to 6 months right here in Amsterdam.

I only wish that I could apply to this, as the project is based on a very interesting topic. All they ask is; what has been your most inspiring travel experience?, which is very cool considering most scholarships are based on being a genius. Geniuses are of course welcome to apply, but it’s mostly about getting creative and making a killer entry to impress the judges. So, if that doesn’t sound good, here are a further three good reasons to enter the Travelbird Scholarship.

Sort out your work placement with a really cool company

– It is very possible that you are in a course that requires an industry placement, right? Well that’s the reason me and my colleagues are here, so this is a perfect opportunity to get your internship sorted for next year

– If you are interested in Business, Web Editing/ Writing, Marketing or Travel & Tourism, then this place is the perfect place for you!

– Travelbird is an online travel agency that offers the top travel deals every day. This company is all about putting together the most inspiring offers and creating engaging, illuminating content

– They like to say that ‘young, evolving, vibrant, exciting, internationally-orientated’ —  are just some of the words that can be used to describe the kind of people and environment that you will find here (which is true)

TravelBird Scholarship - Reasons to apply - Bekah Molony

Bag yourself 3 grand plus a paid internship

– You can use the €3,000 prize to go towards your studies, work placement or travels, which is a really great help for funding it all

– Then there’s the prize of a 3 to 6 month internship in Amsterdam(meaning you can also do 4 or 5 if you like)

– You won’t just gain invaluable experience, college credits or the awesome Travelbird scholarship prize

– While you’re an intern here you get lots of goodies like free yummy lunches everyday, free vino, beer and snacks at the end of a great week, every Friday and the use of your own Macbook Pro (yay!)

– They also have parties every now and again which is a lot of fun, especially on the roof terrace (my Snapchat stories speak for themselves!)

– On top of all of this, you will also get your €350 monthly intern allowance – which is way more than anyone else was offering while I was doing my dreaded work placement search, back in November…

Travelbird Scholarship - Reasons to apply - Bekah Molony

Get a chance to live in the amazing city of Amsterdam!

– Travelbird is located in the heart of the city centre. Meaning that the employees at Travelbird are right in the centre of it all, with so many fun events going on, they can just hop on their bike to get to the coolest locations in the city

– Everyone knows that Amsterdam is famous for it’s vibrant culture. You’ll never be bored with activities from live music to art galleries and from festivals to food markets popping up everywhere

– Amsterdam has a fantastic public transport system, including their famous Centraal Train Station. This gives adventurers easy access to explore other parts of Holland such as Rotterdam, Utrecht and the Hague. Or go even further to neighbour countries like Germany and Belgium for weekends away with some friends

– And not to mention the food! Holland has so many delicious traditions, you are spoiled for choice when wandering through the city. Some favourites that I have discovered so far are Bitterballen, Stroopwafels, Dutch Fries and yummy Poffertjes which are mini pancakes drizzled with butter and powdered sugar – delicious!

Travelbird Scholarship - Reasons to apply - Bekah Molony

How do I get this amazing Travelbird Scholarship you speak of?!

Just answer this: “What has been your most inspirational travel experience?”

Seems pretty simple right? That’s because it is! Whether you have travelled a million miles around the globe or would rather tell a story from your home town, just let them know what inspired you. You are also free to choose which format you want to answer the question with, be it a GoPro video, Youtube clip, Vimeo, blog, essay (1,000 words +) , graphic etc. Just go for what you’re good at, and remember to think outside of the box.

– There are 2 important things to know, you must be 18 or over and you must be a current student (enrolled in the 2015/2015 school year) in a university that has signed up.

– You can head over to the Travelbird Scholarship website to see the humongous list of universities that have signed up. Which includes DIT incase any fellow members are reading. For any international readers, you can also find the website in the following languages (plus you can submit your entry in these languages too!) German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

– The application deadline is on May 31st 2016, 23:59 (CET), but you’re better off getting your entry in before that. The winner will be announced on June 15th. Good luck to anyone who has already entered and I hope more will enter too! If you have any questions, you can email