Anyone who knows me, knows my life long dedication to U2. I won’t hear it when anyone has anything bad to say about them, they are an absolute gift to the world. I had been waiting literally all my life to see them live, after being raised listening to every song and album by the band. Me and my dad have matching tattoos that read ‘Light My Way’, my favourite song (aka Ultraviolet) by the boys. No further evidence needed to explain my love for them but here’s a post on how much I enjoyed their concert.

So I’m a bit late on posting about it, seeing as they played in November 2015, but better late than never! They played in the 3arena Dublin which was a fantastic venue for the gig, despite people’s concerns. We were only in the queue for about 10 minutes, it was a surprisingly quick flow. And after all that panic about credit cards and student ID etc, we were in in two seconds, no hassle at all. And after my family freaking out that we should get there quickly, I was in and standing very close to the stage at 7pm, no crazy crowds. I was so surprised at the calmness of the crowd because I personally was having heart palpitations and was expecting to be crushed and shoved by crazy fans. We were surrounded only by laid back 30,40,50 somethings from near and far, all there to finally see U2 after they disappeared for 6 years.

When the show started at about 8.30pm, they came from the stage that came right out into the crowd. Hearing Bono’s voice, I was so sure that I would be really excited and in awe of hearing him live for the first time ever, but to be honest, it was so familiar. I know his voice from a million miles away; I’ve listened to so many interviews and concert footage over the years, and I even ran into him where I work earlier in the year (almost died). So it wasn’t shocking it was just thrilling to be there to here him speak and sing and to hear them all perform.

The Show 

We were super close, which was amazing. I had this idea in my head that I wouldn’t be able to see much because I’m so small. I was wrong (but I did bring massive heels to wear so I could see better, which worked!) Their screen was absolutely out of this world. I’ve been to many many concerts in the 3arena and other venues too, but I’ve never seen a screen like the one U2 had created. On this screen we saw amazing visuals of the band, animations, messages and lyrics. It was so perfectly timed and well executed that they even had clever moments where it would appear Bono was holding the edge in the palm of his hand or even spitting water at him. Bono definitely lived up to his ‘messer’ reputation. He was so full of life, energetic and really engaging, there wasn’t one second that he didn’t have everyone going. Even during ‘Sweetest Thing’ where he sat at a piano and sang with the crowd. My dad told me that after he performed that song years ago to a crowd in some other country, no one enjoyed it so he swore he would never do it again. But he did it with us and it was fantastic, everyone knows that song and we were all happy to sing along.



Favourite Moments of U2

I can’t explain why, but I enjoyed ‘Elavation’ so much! It was one of the most fun and energetic moments that I’ve ever experienced at a concert before. They had some lucky lady up on stage to video them while they performed, and she did a very good job! I hadn’t heard that song in years but still knew all the words and along with everyone else was jumping up and down singing with them. I wasn’t expecting that, it was such a great moment.

The intro to ‘Vertigo’ was great and so was ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, and ‘Invisible’ & ‘With or Without You’ were also very very good. Honestly there’s no point in listing all the songs I thought were good, because they were all good.

I was feeling pretty disappointed when it was over because 1. I didn’t want it to be over and 2. I hadn’t heard some of my absolute favourite songs. They said thank you, waved, bowed and walked off stage. The lights didn’t come on, so I was praying in my heart it wasn’t really over. And then City of Blinding Lights started playing and that is when the tears started flowing again. It’s such a great song that brings me right back to being 9 or 10 years old, being in the car with my dad. Most of my memories revolving around songs by U2 usually relate back to my childhood and being with my dad, and that’s probably another reason why U2 are so special to me.

Following this was Beautiful Day which was really fun, but probably the biggest moment of the night was One. Bono let the crowd sing almost all of the song and I don’t think I’ve every screamed lyrics so loud. Everyone around me was on the same page, no one cared who could hear them because we were singing together. Watching Bono you could see the pride in his face, and to think that all those years ago, they could only dream of being on a stage like that in Dublin when they were just kids. And look at them now, without a doubt the biggest band that the world has ever seen.

I had an unforgettable night and I hope they come back soon because I would watch them over and over again!