I’m sure a lot of boys and girls can get overwhelmed with the pressure of what to get their lady friend on the day of love. Valentine’s Day can either be seen as a chance to prove your romantic self and spoil your significant other with love & attention, or it can be seen as a huge amount of unnecessary pressure put on people to spend money. I think everyone probably needs to calm down on both ends of the spectrum. Yes there are people who pay big money to spoil their partners and sometimes it’s impersonal. But the others who get worked up about not wanting to conform to society and actually are angered by the day… You guys also need to realise that it’s all ok. Find the balance, make her smile and you probably deserve to have a day where you can both spoil each other and I think I’ve got it pretty much sussed whether you want to spend a little something or just keep it simple. The last thing students need is to be spending their tips on Micheal Kors bags, so get more creative.

So the biggest clue here is to check her social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr; there’s a good chance she may have shared a picture or a post about something she has her eye on. It may be make-up, lingerie, a pair of shoes or even a concert she would love to go. It wouldn’t hurt to check if she has a Pinterest account too because this platform is famous for hosting boards made by females who get lost in the world of pinning. Although don’t be shocked if you find her account and see that she has several ‘Wedding’ boards about the dress, the rings, the recepition and the invites… it’s a woman thing and you’re probably relatively safe. This said, there could also be one or two titled ‘Wish List’ or ‘Things I Would Love’ and you can be sure that purchasing one of these items without any sort of prompt would both shock and excite your lady friend. So go on, have a look – it could win you some serious brownie points and you may just have an alright Valentine’s Day.


Flowers are always a good start.

Valentine's Day Flowers

I think anyone who says they ‘don’t like flowers’ or thinks it’s cheesy; is either lying or obviously has never had the joy of receiving a lovely bunch of flowers. And yes it does make a difference when you buy a pretty bouquet from a florist compared to getting an oul bunch of carnations from the local petrol station. You don’t have to get red roses if that’s what you’re thinking… There are literally so many types of flowers out there. My favourites are lilies and I also love peonies; both really simple but beautiful flowers. Go to a florist or flower market and ask for something different or unusual, they will be ready to go for Valentine’s Weekend very soon so if you’re going to order online, you should start early to avoid a last minute panicked rush to Tesco. If you think outside the of box then maybe this woman who ‘doesn’t really like flowers’ will change her mind after she has received a gorgeous bunch of bright sunflowers.


Ever seen this before? 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I’m sure it’s been ‘liked’ millions of times around the world by hopeful ladies, waiting for some romance in their lives. I think it’s genius and honestly not going to cost you much if you just put in a bit of time this Valentine’s Day. H&M, Missguided, Primark, River Island and New Look always have some pretty yet affordable dresses, and if you know your girl well enough; it should be easy to pick something out. Of course not everyone wears dresses, but you get the idea; something to wear and a special note saying to be ready at a certain time. Of course you should probably follow up on the note and whether it’s for dinner or a show, it will be extra exciting for this lucky lady to look forward to this surprise in her new clothes or jewellery.


The Valentine’s Day Favourite: Jewellery

Valentines Jewellery Gift Ideas

There are so many options when it comes to buying some jewels for your lady, and there are also so many price ranges. Necklaces and bracelets are a go to winner when it comes to V-Day. One of the most popular ranges at the moment is the Alex and Ani bracelets. These little bracelets are beautiful yet affordable and can be collected and layered for a pretty affect. Of course there is the option of a ring; they don’t always have to be a token of marriage. Receiving a ring is very romantic and it’s something you can wear either everyday or on special occasions, and it’s a little reminder of the lovely person who gave it to you. If you shop around, you will see that there are so many affordable options and one of my favourites is Pandora. They have so many types of rings and there’s a price for everyone. These too are a popular option for those going for the layered look. They also have a really cool service where someone on the website can start a wish list, and if they save items to this list and have their email signed up, you can search for their name or email address and ta-da ! Exactly what they’re dreaming of, and you didn’t even have to ask!



DIY Gifts

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

These are my favourite because when it’s done right it can be so special. Your best bet for inspiration is Pinterest. Simply type ‘DIY Gifts for Girls’ or something similar and you should get an overwhelming amount of ideas. I have received a hand decorated jar which was full of mini notes of memories, private jokes and future plans… which was one of the best things I’ve ever gotten as a present. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort into little gifts like these, you are ensured that it will go down really, really well with your woman! I’ve included a few ideas here such as envelopes full of letters, date night ideas and a package of someone’s favourite things, but as I said; Pinterest is king of inspos for hopeless romantics on Valentine’s Day.